I'm looking for a partner

epartner_portal ... Loading GFI Accounts Area. Enter your credentials below. Login You Can Talk to Someone in English Now! Speak-English-Today.com is an online meeting place for English students and teachers from around the world. Pop star JoJo Siwa will compete as part of the first same-sex pairing on “Dancing With the Stars” for the show’s upcoming 30th season. Olympic gymnastics champion Suni Lee also is joining ... F5 ... Authenticating AEP Energy. AEP Energy is a competitive retail energy provider for over half a million customers. Learn more at AEPEnergy.com We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The FY22 Business Applications Partner Presales offers, are designed to fund partners to drive presales engagements.. Activity Type Overview. In FY22, Partners will have the flexibility to choose from a diverse set of activities listed below and can deliver each activity category once per customer opportunity. Grow your business with Microsoft 365 for Partners. Enable your customers in the cloud with one source for all the training, support, and tools you need. Google apps. Main menu

2021.10.17 14:13 KrissBOI77 I'm looking for a partner

To completely ignore because I'm on the internet
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2021.10.17 14:13 Mythrellas 7am CST and a massive queue to play. Tell me China is the problem without telling me China is the problem.

I think they just need to eliminate the global server and just lock all the regions. China can then deal with it on their own. We all know it’s organizations in China just running hundreds/thousands of Bots to get items to sell on djsp and elsewhere. They are trying to take advantage of the Western demand.
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2021.10.17 14:13 PrincipleFirst If 10 million people could hold 100 million of shib....And If you have 400million of shib that could make you a millionaire...given current shib cap is 400T coins..this is the way...bit up there, but not Impossible

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2021.10.17 14:13 Mehmet_E1 $FCF - French Connection a token with real innovative utilities | Automated BNB$ reflections every 24hours| 3M Mcap | Long Term Hold | Perfect Audit Score OF 100% |Heavy Doxxed Team | Huge ecosystem with endless possibilities| The next 1 billion $ token!

Here's what we are building in our ecosystem!
FCF Pay (Easy credit card to crypto online payment processing application)
The main problem in world wide cryptocurrency adoption is it's non-friendly user applications. French Connection Finance is developing a payment processing application that would allow any credit card holder to use cryptocurrency as a payment method while using their credit card in the same way they do it everyday! (Encrypted and annonymous credit card payments on the internet!)( THE PAYPAL OF CRYPTO)
FCF$ have already created the world's first NFT collection security vault! Unruggable and unhackable! Legitimate NFT collection creators will host their NFT collection and renounce their ownership by locking them into the NForT through our API and secured for a lifetime!
•FCF$ is about to release the first of its kind marketing platform for BSC tokens.
FCF World Connect
FCF world connect is a major secret Dapp that will revolutionize the De-Fi world. We are keeping this project super secretive until it's full release. (Beta version will be tested in April 2022) Stay tuned!
FCF Raffle
$FCF daily raffle is being developed right now and will be available on September 8th 2021! You could win daily prizes as NFT/BNB OR FCF$. Be in it to win it!
FCF De-Fi Wallet
FCF De-Fi wallet will be launched in december. FCF wallet will allow all the $FCF community to access to the $FCF ecosystem in 1 click! Trade and buy crypto with ease!
• 2% Marketing
•5% Dividend pool
• 3% Liquidity pool
• Transaction limit (Anti-whale dumps)
• Buy back feature
FCF Supply : 100 000 000 000 $FCF and 8% burned already!
Marketcap is 3,000,000$ (SUPER EARLY IN A LONG TERM PROJECT)
Contract Address: 0xCD0664a86B587f671b4af36fa99112b676a6c012
Official Sites:
💭 Telegram: https://t.me/frenchconnection_bsc
🌐 WEBSITE: https://frenchconnection.finance/
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2021.10.17 14:13 wolf123t Sign up for Rakuten and receive $30 (PayPal/Check) when you make a purchase of $30 or more at any store online

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2021.10.17 14:13 Cereal_killerpoop Can I be punished for not coming into work outside my availability?

Today I woke up at 7:30 and checked my schedule. It said 7:00am to 1:00pm. I thought it was a mistake because my availability is 10:00 to 7:00. When I called and asked, my manager told me she scheduled me early for training. At this point I'm a little bit annoyed but I calmly tell her that's outside my availability. She said it's fine and to just come in for my availability. But can I be punished when it was outside my availability?
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2021.10.17 14:13 Psittacula2 Surface Pro X - Keyboard (microsoft) compatibility with Slim Pen 2 - Clarity?

My new SPX should arrive shortly. I managed to buy a new model for a huge saving (finally) so that it is finally justifiable in price/investment as well as in my intended use case. So far - very happy.
However, I want to further reduce costs and purchase the original:

Then purchase the new
Which after using is clearly a massive upgrade and worth buying.
However, [title question]:
Could anyone clarify COMPATIBILITY of this type cover with this pen?
The pen docks and fits the type cover as I tested this in store in person. But I saw a thread suggesting charging issues with the original type cover and pen?
Could this be clarified if an update in Windows 11 resolves it or else if Windows 10 - they do not work together? I intend to remain with Win10 until probably 2022 when Win11 performance and bugs all improve and Android compatibility also warrants upgrading the OS.
Looking at MS Compatibility info on website:
"Yes, with Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard or Surface Pro Signature Keyboard"
I presume the latter is the original standard keyboard but the naming conventions are not consistent and thus confusing. This is on the line talking about SPX device compatibility with SlimPen2.
The name of the type cover I see is called: Surface Pro X Keyboard (brand: microsoft). It is the same one that I tested in store to check if the pen fits. What I did not do was check if it charges successfully - though the little LED light did light up.
Thanks for all help. I would be saving myself $110 so it is useful to know this. Yes ideally the new Signature Typecover would be best but if I can keep chiselling the total price down then it will make a huge difference.
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2021.10.17 14:13 Sopho_wopho (33f) no makeup, but fresh hair

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2021.10.17 14:13 AfterdateCommandante Steve Jobs Day


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2021.10.17 14:13 FIthroaway2021 POV: you called The Clone Wars a kids show and someone linked you this video.

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2021.10.17 14:13 Morty_Goldman This zebra didn't stand a chance

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2021.10.17 14:13 naive427 How to flirt and talk? What are you even supposed to say?

How do you keep a relationship going and maintain it. [M20] and never been in a relationship.
I [M20] have been locked up in a self imposed prison and ever since Covid have lost my social skills. I don’t know how to flirt or any of that anymore. How do you keep a relationship going after the honeymoon phase?I’m a senior in college and have had no relationships or hook ups I’m still a virgin and struggling to comprehend. Sometimes when I talk to strangers my mind goes into a wired frenzy where it doesn’t work or I don’t know what to say and we sit there in awkwardness.
I have also been flirted with before but I can’t comprehend why would anyone like me?
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2021.10.17 14:13 G0rtarPlayer Wondering what Colin Jost has that I don't while I sit in the office and dip a slice of bread into my pot noodle.

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2021.10.17 14:13 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-gabriele-martufi-1

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2021.10.17 14:13 silox250 Vat blasted with UV, but nothing curing....

I have an issue of my own that if making me insane. Set up my phrozen sonic mini 4k after being in storage for a while. I have experience with multiple printers and this one printed fine before being stored. Set it up, leveld the buildplate, checked the FEP, did an LCD test. All was fine.
Printed a matrix, nothing on the buildplate, so expected a fail on the FEP. Did a vat cleaning for 30s. Nothing cured on the fep, totally clean. Ran it again for 45s, still nothing.
So now I exposed a vat of resin to more than a minute and nothing cured. I feel like Im going crazy...
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2021.10.17 14:13 z_s_2000 I have an unusual problem that I would love some help with

So basically, I’ve always perceived my beats as very Lil Uzi, Playboi Carti, Sofaygo, etc type beats. But recently I’ve been told that that’s not very accurate. I’m kinda lost, I don’t know what to label my beats as. It’s not that I need to label them under an artist, but it’s easier for marketing purposes.
If anyone has the time, I’d love some help trying to figure out how to label my beats and what “type” they are :)
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2021.10.17 14:13 Deribelle Just starting and still got a lot to do, but this has been therapeutic... (I'm aware of some flaws but I so accept tips and critique!)

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2021.10.17 14:13 kidbuuzero Hi, this is Little Richard

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2021.10.17 14:13 TheSystemGuy64 Does anyone know what TTS voices where used in the videos?

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2021.10.17 14:13 sshowmanisboredaf discord_irl

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2021.10.17 14:13 chaos-seeker34 Types during a middle school fight

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2021.10.17 14:13 MysteriousAd6303 ...

Is no one buying her vids n posting ?
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2021.10.17 14:12 sharkiix Glasgow vs Liverpool vs Sheffield as cities, how would you compare them and which's better?

im studying abroad for high school, I love cities which are mostly modern city-like but somewhat rustic. (I love culture A LOT, so museums are definitely my thing!) Also as a student, i'll look for part-time jobs to pay my school fees if possible, so i'd look for a city which has great job opportunities and a high employment rate. Most importantly, i hope for a good transportation system:)
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2021.10.17 14:12 sun_kisser How do you "reward" yourself instead of drinking?

It's so common to feel you've "earned" a drink after mowing the lawn, working late, playing sports, tidying the house, etc. In place of drinking, what's your substitute as a "reward"?
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2021.10.17 14:12 wanderthai67 Cafe de Ariya.

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