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Katastrofen uden ende på La Palma

2021.10.17 15:43 newsdk Katastrofen uden ende på La Palma

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2021.10.17 15:43 TheAceOfSpades1998 My cat ate a piece of chocolate, should I be worried?

I was eating a brownie and a crumb fell on the floor so my cat ran over and ate it. I always give her meat and stuff when I'm cooking so I guess she thought I was giving it to her. It was only a crumb will she be okay or should I be worried?
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2021.10.17 15:43 jrpencil i drew Arataki Itto and hope you get a 5★ today!

Processing img q9ugpoddl0u71...
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2021.10.17 15:43 NoBreaks-2000 PRE-BATTLE 5: Multi-Dimensional Rounds

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2021.10.17 15:43 stonedmuddle DAOLand 101. General Intro, Research and Insights

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2021.10.17 15:43 Jaded_Skills Kicked from fc…kinda pissed about it

It’s not that serious, but I’m still kinda upset after sleeping on it..
Returning vet whose been back about 2.5 months..I get invited to this FC the day I came back..told them upfront just getting back into the and don’t really need much but will help out with things if I could.
Rarely do I talk other than a hello, I’m just doing my thing leveling and finishing up Shb msq..
Fast forward to yesterday and I needed some help from a tank or a healer getting through some mobs to get to this quest point..
So some dude in the fc says in chat “you need to stop spamming the chat (with a attitude) and someone had already asked me what it was for in the chat.. which I didn’t see..then this guy proceeds to tell me I asked 3 times in the last 5 min..
I tell him I didn’t see the person ask that but you need to chill. It’s not like your busy farming some endgame raid or something.
Then I say don’t worry about it..I don’t wanna cause any problems, I’ll figure it out on my own..
Next thing I know I’m kicked from the fc …
Just kinda pissed at a moment when I was starting to get closer to endgame content..I get kicked for something so trivial..
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2021.10.17 15:43 PomkangarooYT When One Weeb Meets Another

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2021.10.17 15:43 DeveloperQuora Infinite Protocol eSports Recruiting!!!

Infinite Protocol eSports recruiting competitive players for CODM Battle Royale mode as well as casual players
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2021.10.17 15:43 levelupmoose Playboi Carti if he wasn’t a mumble (c)rapper

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2021.10.17 15:43 Immediate_Reply_8896 Switchly Finance 7% Rewards on BUSD just launched! Mooning right now with huge marketing plan! 1000x potential utility token , you dont want to miss it!

✨✨ Switchly Finance ✨✨
🎖️ Why choose Switchly as your go-to token for investing?
The main focus of the Switchly Token is to go along with the ever changing trends on the BSC. We achieved this by creating a Smart Contract capable of changing the Rewards Token on the fly. Switchly will also be the governance token of our future Switchly DEX.
🎖️ Highlights:

🎖️ Do you want to be a part of the next Hot DEX?
Just imagine being an early investor of PancakeSwap, Uniswap or Sushiswap … Do you get where we're going?
🎖️ Tokenomics
💵 Tokenomics (10% tax)
🎂 7% for Auto Rewards in the form of a Trendy Token chosen by the community
🚀 1% Liquidity Pool
🧮 2% Marketing / Buyback
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Buy/Sell Slippage: 12%
Max Wallet: 5%
Min Buy: No minimum, but we strongly suggest somewhere around 0.2 BNB or above to receive FAST and BIG rewards.
Contract: 0xb82121358bc2a4aef4b551accf7ecea75b7c630a
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xb82121358bc2a4aef4b551accf7ecea75b7c630a
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x21d4b3c9e02e7b75e5bba7e88f2a3b7bf9c4090d
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xb82121358bc2a4aef4b551accf7ecea75b7c630a#readContract
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2021.10.17 15:43 Fionn_Stack Checkmate

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2021.10.17 15:43 romain34230 Astéroïdes : des bombes nucléaires pour réduire la menace en poussière ?

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2021.10.17 15:43 Important_Word4334 dal sem win

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2021.10.17 15:43 PenbrookPlays I'm a car! [6 second video]

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2021.10.17 15:43 ranjidcraft Trish Stratus in a very hot bikini photoshoot

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2021.10.17 15:43 Exotic_Volume696 Cc suit

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2021.10.17 15:43 AndThenIWasADragon My Acoustic Cover - Zelda: Song of Storms

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2021.10.17 15:43 jahohrly first impression

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2021.10.17 15:43 ontotita_x Some quality slow RnB. Perfect for chilling, relaxing and bedroom use. Its 12 hours long so it will definitely last you all night xD Enjoy:)

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2021.10.17 15:43 gloriosa424daisy Acquaintance keeps appearing in my dreams

I have been searching for answers to this for quite some time and I think this may be the appropriate place to post. I apologize if it is not.
There is a person in my life who keeps appearing in my dreams and I am starting to wonder if we were connected in a past life. We grew up in the same town and went to school together but we did not hang around in the same group. After school I never thought I would see the person again, and I did not think of them. I do vaguely remember they reached out to me once or twice when they were overseas and I did not really think anything of it. Fast forward a few more years and we run into each other on a summer night at a bar. It was honestly splendid and there was a lot of chemistry, though nothing progressed during this encounter. We would randomly reconnect like this a few more times over the next few years.
It was during this time that I met my significant other. We dated, got married, and I honestly never thought of the other person again. That is, until I got pregnant. When I was pregnant with my first and second I would have intense dreams where the first person and I were reconnected and in love. They were so real and I would get so upset when I woke up because it felt like cheating on my SO. When I had each child the dreams stopped and I would not think of this person during waking hours. I figured it was pregnancy hormones and tried not to put any thought into it. The dreams changed when I was pregnant with my third. They were utterly terrifying where this person would kidnap me and I would frantically look for my SO. Long mazes in horror houses with no way to get out. The difference is this time the dreams never stopped. It has been a few years and now they go back and forth between elation and nightmares.
I just wish the dreams would stop. I have not seen this person for a good 8-10 years. I don't know where they are or what they are doing. Is it possible we were connected in a past life? Is there any way to make the dreams stop?
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2021.10.17 15:43 AlcheMe_ooo Waking Fire - Me, 4x6" Micron on Bristol, 2021 (birthday present for a friend)

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2021.10.17 15:43 Helpmepass7221 Hemoglobin and pO2 question (TRUE AND FALSE Q)

So the question asks what change in physiological conditions will cause hemoglobin to release oxygen more effectively to the tissues.
Is this true or false: Change in partial pressure of oxygen as it travels from the lungs (100 mmHg) to tissues (50 mmHg).
Essentially, does changing partial pressure of oxygen (decrease in the example) cause hemoglobin to release more oxygen to tissue? What about if you increase? Thank you!
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2021.10.17 15:43 Helenarth Is anyone able to give me some advice on how to quickly improve my team and builds?

Hi all,
Hope some of you kind souls can help! I'm AR43, WL5. I know this is real copium but I badly want to participate in the new event. I love music games, and I know there was a musical event in the game a while ago but I only started playing about two months ago so I missed it. The new event is locked behind the Wishes quest, which I know is towards the end of the Inazuma storyline.
I'm way underpowered but I am wondering if anyone can give me some tips in order to let me power through in order to get to the new event. Here are my current built characters, can post other stats if needed.
Traveller level 68, ascension 4, C5 Anemo, 4PC Berserker, Lion's Roar Noelle level 60, ascension 3, C1, 4PC Gladiator, Sac Greatsword Raiden Shogun level 60, ascension 4, C1, 2PC Exile + 2PC Scholar, Favonius Lance (I wish I was good enough at fishing for it to be The Catch) Xiangling level 65, ascension 4, C1, 2PC Berserker + 2PC Wanderer, Dragon's Bane Kokomi level 60, ascension 3, C1, 4PC Maiden Beloved, Dragon Slayers Xingqui level 60, ascension 3, C4, 2PC Instructor + 2PC Exile, Skyrider Sword Sucrose, level 60, ascension 3, C1, 4PC Exile, Sac Fragments Kaeya, level 60, ascension 3, C0, 2PC Gladiator + 2PC Martial Artist
I know Raiden will be less than useful when fighting, well, Raiden, since I presume she'll be immune to Electro.
Other characters not built: Aloy, Xinyan, Qiqi, Amber, Sayu, Rosaria, Chongyun, Beidou, Razor, Lisa, Barbara
Also, feel free to tell me it's impossible if that's the case!
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2021.10.17 15:43 NiniStonem Never underestimate my introvert power

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2021.10.17 15:43 Alert_Ambition6272 Feature where reddit automatically lets you know what you're doing wrong before your post gets removed

This is the worst part about reddit, needing assistance for something urgently and you gotta post it on a sub 3 times until you stop seeing "Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of ". Some of the reasons aren't even listed in the rule sidebar. Add a feature that tells you what you're doing wrong (eg. add x to your title) until it lets you post instead of telling you after you post it everytime.
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