My great-grandfather, his daughter-in-law and my mother as a baby in 1978.

2021.10.17 15:38 TinderGameWeakBruh My great-grandfather, his daughter-in-law and my mother as a baby in 1978.

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2021.10.17 15:38 Savvu_The_GameDevel So I made a Python Discord Bot Game and it's called Jelly Adventures! (Idle-Incremental Mechanics)

Jelly Adventures is a Python Discord Bot Game where you use simple commands to gather jellies and blobs, craft items and equipment, gather pets and fight epic Slime Bosses! I programmed the Bot using python and host it online so that you can enjoy playing 24/7. ;)
Whats new:

The Bot is called Slimelander and you can use his commands to harvest jelly and unlock the items that are required for the Revival of the First Slimelander! In other words you are set on a journey to create the very first slime! 🦠
The game is called 'Jelly Adventures' and it takes place in the same universe as 'Slimeland Evolution', my actual incremental game that I am developing over the last year! This means that in the future unlocking certain achievements in the mini game will also provide benefits in the main game! 👍
If you are interested you can join the adventure by clicking here
Discord link:
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2021.10.17 15:38 PenbrookPlays I'm a car! [6 second video]

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2021.10.17 15:38 ClaireFarronLR Final Fantasy X - Yuna's Decision (Piano Cover) :)))))

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2021.10.17 15:38 fartstinkslikeamf Had a breakthrough yesterday night

Yeah I’ve been idealizing my ex ALL ALONG. Coming back to songs that remind me of him, looking at cute pics of him, or thinking of what I wish he had been. But I guess he was a entirely different person and I fell in love with who I made him up to be in my head. So I was always disappointed when he didn’t live up to my standards I’d set for him.
It pisses me off because I’m still going through this breakup, so I’m full on idealizing him. I feel like I’m in love with an imaginary person. But this person isn’t here anymore, so it feels both like a breakup with someone you’ve dated for a year, and like this same person rejected you and you never got to know them. I don’t know what happened this past year in my life. It feels like a nightmare and I was blind all along, I’d just listen to my mind imagining him as my ideal partner when he was FAR from that. I’m gonna stay in love with this imaginary guy for a while. It’s unhealthy but this imaginary guy doesn’t hurt me. Just laughs at the stupid jokes I tell myself in my head when I’m alone, or hugs me when I can’t sleep.
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2021.10.17 15:38 kiwioof new update

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2021.10.17 15:38 andreba Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope Demonstration from MIT

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2021.10.17 15:38 daisymaessnotdrip [LF] my wishlist [FT] tradelist, NMTs, Bells

Since my wishlist is mostly just clothes from Ables, and my tradelist has lots of rare/seasonal items, please don’t ask for 1 for 1 trade if it’s not fair :)
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2021.10.17 15:38 reddit_feed_bot RudyGiuliani: Dr. Devi is the real deal! Tune in to To learn about this great candidate for public advocate of New York City. You deserve the best and she is the best! #nyc #drdevi #vote

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2021.10.17 15:38 realhidaro Add me for daily gifts 7070 0199 3076

I play daily and have lots of gifts. 7070 0199 3076
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2021.10.17 15:38 roxxxyFL 23 [F4M] Gainesville - Looking for spanks/experienced non-vanilla folks

Good morning everyone,
Been in Gainesville a while met some pretty great and cool guys so far, however, there's been a distinct lack of excitement in "bedroom stuff lol". Being stuck only in the bedroom is among the problems lol
I'm hoping to find a guy or two (maybe another W) that is not only interested in some slight kink, but actually has experience. It's a big turnoff having to deal with nerves or uncertainty or relying on me directing things all the time. Certainly happy to chat and set boundaries but without creativity on the other side it often seems like just going through the motions.
No complaints or shade, to others, just hoping to find something a bit more!
Hit me up
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2021.10.17 15:38 crunchy_strawberry 'Don't chase me bitch chase yo goals' ok blueface but what ig her goals are to chase u tho??

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2021.10.17 15:38 danmniel19 Heh, moved my furniture again. I’m also broke now.

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2021.10.17 15:38 Which-Ad-6285 are these all libs? any help would be appreciated

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2021.10.17 15:38 jconner1392 Isn’t it always?

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2021.10.17 15:38 notsexmaster evil sexmaster

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2021.10.17 15:38 visagedemort Best Dekstop for Touchscreen Laptop (Ideapad Flex 5)

So I am looking to install Fedora KDE 5.1-5.2 or Gnome 40. What I am looking for is the one that has more stability (with extensions too) , great compatibility with touch screen and quite easy to use. Since I do not have experience with them I dont know which one is the best for what I am looking for. Please enlighten me:)
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2021.10.17 15:38 tc182 Kirsten Dunst

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2021.10.17 15:38 adam4wan Open Internet in Indonesia (HUGE Community)

Nobody know that Open Internet in Indonesia are bigger than you know. Many people want to access internet with cheap prize, so that RT RW Net come in peace. Why in peace? Because there is a war run by ISP that striking down the Open Internet provider through its network administrator.
Please read this contents, if you want to learn about Open Internet in Indonesia RT RW Net.
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2021.10.17 15:38 hellomikecheck 22 [M4F] constants 4 lyf

Panibagong linggo na naman ng trabaho ang dadating at hindi ko pa rin nakukuha yung gusto kong pahinga. Pero keri lang, ganon talaga ang life. Hahaha.
Hello. I'm looking for an internet buddy na pwede maging constant kung matripan natin. I live alone sa dorm every weekdays (due to work) and I spend my weekends with my fam and nagpapahinga na rin. So, no time to physically socialize with my friends.
So far, I'm not looking for a girlfriend, pero time will come. Gusto ko lang muna ng peace of mind and mental stability.
About me: Taga-province; not from big four; hindi ako good looking pero okay na (if it matters); medyo madaldal; working; vaxxed
About you: Madaldal at madaming prinsipyo sa buhay; papagalitan ako pag di ako kumain charot; low to middle class para makarelate tayo sa mga struggles natin sa buhay
Hit me with your ASL + kung ikaw ay manalo sa lotto, anong unang pagkakagastusan mo sa pera?
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2021.10.17 15:38 BreWithTheDegree Poshmark Referral Code - Sign up for POSHMARK, my fav site to BUY & SELL fashion. Use referral code: CANADABRE and receive $10 USD or $15 CAD

Poshmark is the #1 place to buy and sell fashion. Shop millions of closets - and sell yours too! Get a nice $10 USD or $15 CAD sign up bonus
Use signup code: CANADABRE
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2021.10.17 15:38 ChunkyTitan05 Saw this guy on my way home from school.

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2021.10.17 15:38 zareliman How can I stop spotify from suggesting asinine podcasts to my spotify ?

I'm extremely annoyed by this platform lately. Whenever I open the app theres a myriad of podcasts with asinine political content that frankly shouldn't be suggested in any platform, or even being allowed. I cannot unlike them, I cannot block them, I cannot make Spotify not suggest them, I cannot hide them, I cannot report them for racist/offensive/disriminatory/extremist content.
Is it even legal for a platform to force extremist political propaganda down my throat like that ?
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2021.10.17 15:38 RobIoxians I FOUND TITANIC 2

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2021.10.17 15:38 ChaoticM0chi My Sunshine

Tw: Blood, death, implied abuse
I came into this world the way we all have. Crying. It was dark, then a bright, blinding, artificial light burst my world to true life. I could hear crying all around me, and that’s what frightened me. At least, I thought it was crying. I later learned it was doctors rushing around, and pleading with my father not to leave. Yet he did. My mother left soon after him. So I was alone, my first moments of life.
I was taken away, to a home I’ve never wanted to escape more. But, when I was five, I met you. You found me when I was crying in the rain after having been thrown out for something that had irked the matrons. You were with your sister, I believe. She kept calling you to come back, that you would catch a cold, but you stayed by my side until she came over.
I was clothed in nothing but a long white shirt and black shorts that barely came to my knees. She saw that and gave me her coat. She went into the orphanage. You stayed and told me your name. You were a blond, and you had striking golden eyes. I loved them almost instantly. Your neighbor adopted me. We went to school together. We would go down to the pond to see the blooming flowers. We sat in the city gardens.
You picked up a flower, looked at it for a while, and then looked at me. My mind was elsewhere. I had a sketchbook. I didn’t let you see, but I was drawing you. You reached over and put that flower in my messy black curls. I could feel my face heat up. I turned towards you. You smiled. Your smile… God, I could go on for ages describing that smile. It was big and bright as if you had experienced no sorrow in your life. It was almost as if you were the sunshine I had been lacking my entire existence. I made myself a promise at that very moment. I would always protect your smile. No matter what happens to me. I would protect you.
We became friends. Then the war started. As soon as we turned eighteen, we were drafted into the army. It was a long battle for most, or so I heard. For us, it was cut short by a cannon blast and a gunshot. It should have been me that it hit, and you should have lived. You pushed me out of the way. The blast sent you back into a tree. Your legs were gone, and even I, who had no medical training before, knew that you were not long for this world.
I ran as fast as my legs could humanely carry me. You saw me. I drew your attention away from the blood, of which you had always had an innate fear. Your golden eyes met my dull blue ones. You spoke, your voice was shaking horribly. “Where are my legs?”
I couldn’t bear to answer you. So I didn’t. “Just keep your eyes on me. You will be okay.”
I lied to you. I couldn’t bear to face the truth. You stared deep into my eyes. I could tell the sunshine I clung so hard to was fading. You then smiled. I was shocked, why were you smiling while dying so young? You smiled because I was there. You said, “Your eyes are beautiful, everything about you is beautiful. I have loved you since we met.”
Then my sunshine was gone. Your eyes closed and your breathing stopped. I screamed. I screamed your name so loud, an enemy gunner found me. He didn’t know I was part of his enemy. He told me to turn around. I was blinded by pain, despair, and rage. I grabbed the gun by my side and bashed the enemy gunner over the head with it. It broke. He fell. I picked up his gun and beat him until his head was nothing but a pile of mush under my boots.
A single gunshot and the sudden numbness spreading throughout my veins quickly told me someone had seen my act of senseless revenge. I fell to my knees. Another shot was fired through my chest. I was kicked in the side. I fell. As I bled to death, I stared at your face. My sunshine was no more, and I, the moon, would follow wherever you were destined to go. My eyes closed.
My introduction to the next life was almost the same. I suppose I was destined to suffer fate’s wrath. I don’t much care to recall the events that took place, as they were almost the same, if not worse than the events of my past life. I suppose the only reason I made it through each day was the picture I drew of you from my memory. To truly represent the true beauty that you were, I hanged your picture up in front of my window, so the sun shone through it.
But I met you when I was fourteen and you were fifteen. Your hair was the same gold as the sun, just like our past life. Your eyes were the sun to me, the only light I ever needed. I wanted to reach out to you, to be a part of your life again. But you pushed me away. My sunshine was being snuffed out by the people around you.
We ended up in the same place. The second war of sorts. It was a magical guild. You took me into your group, along with two others. You believed we were strong, even though I knew I shouldn’t be compared to you.
So now as I lay here, reflecting on everything, as you watch me fall to my knees, then get kicked onto my back, I have no regrets. I am and always have been willing to die for you. You scream my name, my true name. I can feel a smile reach my tear-soaked face. You break away from the captors and rush to catch me in vain. You stare down at me the same way I had stared at you that lifetime ago. My eyes feel heavy. I let them fall closed. You scream those same words I told you a lifetime ago. You say that final sentence you told me in our past life. “I have loved you since we met.”
Lady fate is a cruel, yet beautiful woman. I would have loved her if it weren’t for you. We couldn’t be together in our past life, nor your current one. I watch as you lash out as I had done. Lady fate watches with me. You complete the thing I couldn’t in our past life. You defeat them and continue living. You scream into the open air, just as I had done. I know you wished you had lost, but you couldn’t. Not when you had spent so long becoming stronger to keep that promise you made me and our other two friends.
Before I pass on, I want you to know I heard you when you said that you would wait for me. I will wait for you as well. I don’t know when we will meet again, but I promise you, as your faithful moon, I will make sure we meet again, my sunshine.
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