What's a science fact that few people know that will change the way they look at life?

2021.10.17 13:40 colorfulsoul_ What's a science fact that few people know that will change the way they look at life?

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2021.10.17 13:40 RLCD-Bot [Crimson Breakout Type-S] [Saffron Encryption] [Confetti] [Aero Mage]

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2021.10.17 13:40 Skylair13 JK Gumi [Nijisanji]

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2021.10.17 13:40 bitnewsbot USA: The First Bitcoin ETF “Enters” The Market

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2021.10.17 13:40 s1refugee 【翻车新闻】1217 也不知道谁才是大撒币

【翻车新闻】1217 也不知道谁才是大撒币 1 也不知道谁才是大撒币
2 这下把国家也给坑了
3 这都行????
4 双重思想万岁?
5 ????
6 结束了?
7 早该管管了!
8 这都行???
9 赶紧给我扔了
10 粉红内战打起来了?
11 新闻
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2021.10.17 13:40 gj888 Not getting 5.1 on ARC with Mac connected

I have my Mac Mini connected to my TV via HDMI. My ARC is then connected to the HDMI ARC port from my TV. When playing movies with a 5.1 soundtrack from my Mac, I do not get 5.1 sound. The Sonos app tells me I am getting Stereo PCM. I am using VLC on my Mac btw.
Anyone got any ideas or fixes?
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2021.10.17 13:40 Successful_Heart_990 what is your #firstimpression?

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2021.10.17 13:40 animehents Planning for next year

What phone should i get next year, a Samsung s10 plus or a Samsung A52 5g? I'm a student and need a phone with a good battery and at least acceptable performance, Most things i do is read books, google meet, play genshin impact, and run visual novels via kirikiroid2. My previous phone was a poco x3 nfc it can run genshin albiet at low graphics settings and the battery last long. I replaced it with the lg v50, though I got no complaints the battery just doesn't last long as I'd like. But still great phone considering the price. Any suggestions?
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2021.10.17 13:40 BATM4NN Bhakti Hori Bohot Bhayankar

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2021.10.17 13:40 Old_Veterinarian823 Plz help me I’m trying to grow my discord I play an lot of dead by daylight and stream too but I would love to have an discord to talk to everyone plz help an brother out https://discord.gg/NVVjkfbjRZ

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2021.10.17 13:40 AaronDanielLIsles I Bet You'll Miss Your Childhood

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2021.10.17 13:40 KnifeShoe How many is too many potential PIs to email?

I'm in the middle of selecting potential PIs before emailing them for graduate admissions (STEM). I wanted to ask how many professors from a program is too many? I know people usually say email 3, because that's the average number of rotations one can do, but I'm finding 6-11 professors at some programs that I like equally, who are all doing very similar things, so is it okay for me to email all 6-11? Plus, wouldn't this be better since half of the profs are likely to disregard/miss/ignore my email anyway, hahaha?
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2021.10.17 13:40 Ok_Lingonberry1289 what do I need to get started.

Hey everyone. I know it's been asked hundreds of times before, but I want to find out what I need in order to find a job in Japan. I'm currently teaching in Vietnam, I have a degree, my TEFL and 3 years of experience. I know basic Japanese but when I say basic I mean very basic. Please let me know what else I should prepare to find a job over there. TIA
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2021.10.17 13:40 Fra_Oliv Terrorismo: *not stonks*

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2021.10.17 13:40 kirtash93 Cryptotrivial contest 2021: Round 25! The property of a cryptocurrency network that prevents any entity from altering transactions on it. | 17/10/2021

Welcome to Round 25 of the Cryptotrivial 2021 contest!
Question 25: The property of a cryptocurrency network that prevents any entity from altering transactions on it. The correct answer of Round 24 is...
Buy Wall! What is Buy Wall:
A buy wall is the result of a single huge buy order or the composition of multiple large buy orders that are put at the same price in the order book of a particular market. Buy walls can be created by a wealthy individual, group of traders or institutions.
In cryptocurrency exchanges, trading is made via an order book, where buyers indicate their buying prices (bids) and seller indicate their selling prices (asks). Essentially, buy walls prevents market prices from dropping because they create a massive amount of orders at the same price which requires large amounts of money to be executed and passed over.
Buy or sell walls usually occur when large holders (whales) of any cryptocurrency want to control the prices to the best of their interest. Therefore, whale traders regularly create buy and sell walls in an attempt to manipulate the markets.
Once big buy or sell orders appear in the order book, other traders tend to place their orders right after the walls. For instance, if a big buy wall for Bitcoin is placed at $5,000.00, other traders that are willing to buy tend to place their order at $5,000.01 or above. They do so because they believe there is a very small probability of their orders being filled if placed together or behind the wall (at $4,999.99 or less).
In practice, however, most buy and sell walls only appear for a short period of time, and their orders are not filled entirely. It is also common to see buy and sell walls moving up or down depending on the movements of the market. Automated trading algorithms (trading bots) are likely to be responsible for that.
Although less common, when a bearish market downtrend is really strong, buy walls can be quickly “eaten up,” having all their orders filled in a matter of seconds.
Previous rounds:
Round 24:
Round 23:
Round 22:
Question 24: The property of a cryptocurrency network that prevents any entity from altering transactions on it.
View Poll
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2021.10.17 13:40 GlumWillow8816 Interview Feedback

Rant: I applied to an entry level marketing assistant position that had some writing responsibilities, and this was for a start-up company. I was told the position would eventually morph into something more specific so they wanted to keep it a true entry-level role so they could train on all departments just in case it went one way or the other. I was asked to provide a writing sample on a specific topic and I was told there are no wrong answers and they just wanted to see my writing style. I was told that I had the freedom to use whatever information and explain the topic however I see fit. So I researched this topic because I had no idea about it. I provided as much description and made it look all fancy within the allowed word count. I received feedback a few days later that they were not moving forward with me and the feedback on my writing was that I made one MILD error on the subject and that’s why they were moving forward with other people.
I’m not sure what pisses me off more; being auto-rejected with no feedback, ghosted, or a company telling me there’s no wrong answers when there actually are.
End of rant.
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2021.10.17 13:40 Drone2Address #drone #droneimages Beginner here! This is my favourite shot so far. Biokovo mountain, Croatia - Air 2S

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2021.10.17 13:40 joenutssack Sussy cup

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2021.10.17 13:40 rudowinger "The Lichtenfelsgasse Leaks" - Passwort?

Auf der Website steht - am 17.10. wird das Passwort für die verschlüsselte 7zip-Datei veröffentlicht. Das ist heute. Glaubt ihr, gibts da heut was zu sehen?
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2021.10.17 13:40 Crazkur Illaoi - A fool and their soul are easily parted.

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2021.10.17 13:40 2ndworstusername I used the 2021 1040v payment voucher instead of the 2020 voucher when mailing my payment in for my 2020 tax bill, what should I expect? Will the IRS credit the right year or will they put it towards a balance I don’t owe yet?

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2021.10.17 13:40 CaroleBell [Hiring] Apply Now: Delivery Van Driver - Immediately Hiring! in New Washoe City

Apply here
We are hiring, Apply Now: Delivery Van Driver - Immediately Hiring! inNevada, New Washoe City for Amazon Delivery Service Partners
Apply here
Click on the above link to know more details about the job, such as schedule, benefits, and salary range.
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2021.10.17 13:40 RhubarbNew8569 really recommend this APENFT mining project,daily interest is good,please contact me for invitation link,so I can earn commission, I can split some commission with you:) Don’t start by yourself, let’s benefit each other telegram:@pauljay88

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2021.10.17 13:40 telex_bot Márki-Zay Pétert támogatja a Momentum az előválasztás második fordulójában

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2021.10.17 13:40 x0rang3x [PC] [H] Bundle [W] 1500 credits

The bundle includes: TW Acrobat Springtime flowers TW Fireplug (Nitro) Stella Inverted Orange (TA) TW Twinzer (PCC) Discotheque Orange (CC3) SLK Orange and Black (OD) FGSP Purple (OD)
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