Landry and her treats

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2021.10.17 15:23 Batigol98 Landry and her treats

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2021.10.17 15:23 Expensive_Spell8909 Hi, I’m new to the series and was wondering how faithful the anime adaption is

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2021.10.17 15:23 fooxee_ Youtube Video Downloader

I need a new downloader for youtube videos since the one i used before doesn't work anymore and i found 4k Video Downloader, is it safe? Does it work well?
p.s. I do not know if I put the right flair, if so sorry
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2021.10.17 15:23 UKNewsByABot Steve Bruce: Newcastle boss has been the 'fall guy', says son Alex Bruce

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2021.10.17 15:23 M4r10960 Per tutti

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2021.10.17 15:23 fv-vintage-emmy Lonely first year engineering girl looking for a study buddy.

Feel free to dm me if you want to hang out or study!
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2021.10.17 15:23 UKNewsByABot Gainsborough explosion: Man arrested on suspicion of arson

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2021.10.17 15:23 GarikTz Check out our project

Hello there , check out Depressed Cyclops, with dope art and killer features, give me your thoughts
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2021.10.17 15:23 meadowcelerykidney pls help
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2021.10.17 15:23 awaythrowjjjjj Why are men not replying to messages right away when they are obviously active online?? I don’t get it.

I’ve been seeing this guy for like 2 months or so. We have talked about ghosting etc before so I think we were clear on that. But recently he’s been ignoring my messages and would reply, say, 15hours later. I know he’s busy and all, but it wouldn’t take that long to type a quick reply right? Thing is, he’d text few days after, apologizing, and making excuses I don’t know anymore if it’s the truth. Like, I can see he’d be online from time to time but he just won’t reply. If you’re not interested anymore just say so and I’ll be gone. Don’t come back few days later apologizing then doing the same old shit again. I’m getting tired of this.
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2021.10.17 15:23 Personal_Change_7949 SQUID GAME SPOILER ALERT... SpO2 sensor OFF, Player 001( Il-nam) is NOT dead, he simply pulled out the sensors while Gi-hun was looking away

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2021.10.17 15:23 Rhizomyc Come checkout our new site, the link is pinned in our profile! Offering a variety of medicinal and gourmet products along with cultivation supplies! **Medicinal and gourmet use only** Use the code Reddit2021 at checkout for 15% off your order! Be sure to drop into the sporetraders discord as well!

Come checkout our new site, the link is pinned in our profile! Offering a variety of medicinal and gourmet products along with cultivation supplies! **Medicinal and gourmet use only** Use the code Reddit2021 at checkout for 15% off your order! Be sure to drop into the sporetraders discord as well! submitted by Rhizomyc to MycoBuySellTrade [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 15:23 mikeeye75 I’m 46 and have only purchased used cars my whole life (and never an EV before), until I got this. I absolutely love it!

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2021.10.17 15:23 anna__katherina__ hey

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2021.10.17 15:23 MemeConsumed me_irl

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2021.10.17 15:23 plutoplatinum How's the 360 version of the game?

Got Skyrim 360 for a couple bucks at a used game store, always been interested in this series. I was wondering how bad it is on 360? I'm completely fine with the lower graphics and less fps as long as it runs consistently enough, but my main worry is the load times, how bad are they?
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2021.10.17 15:23 digital_black_ 3.30 in drag queen vocals sound just like permament high school by the voidz

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2021.10.17 15:23 WeGoatMail4U How do I pass?

I don’t think this question will fit in to this subreddit but maybe someone can help.
I think I can pass my next drug test but I am not sure. My doctors office/insurance requires a monthly drug test to make sure people are taking their medication correctly and are not doing illegal drugs. If you fail you have to go to some addictions counseling which isn’t covered by my insurance.
My question is does anyone know what kind of drug test checks what medication your taking?
Can they tell if I have taken CBD once this week (Saturday) (the prescribed insomnia meds the doctors give me. they keep changing and they are all horrible and I need to sleep).
If I take this type of drug test on Wednesday will it come up?
Random: Can they tell if I took tylonel or Advil? I mean these monthly tests are ridiculous. I was just wondering. I can’t wait until we can leave this state.
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2021.10.17 15:23 takhfifekhob کفش مردانه adidasمدلZX(طوسی سبز)

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2021.10.17 15:23 Alex13_8 26 [F4M] Dating pero napapagod din

Reddit peeps - trying this again - they say persistency is key
Anyone here dating to marry or to be in a serious relationship where you can care for one another - have a family to get home to, maybe travel, etc
About me:
-Works in IT - business analyst type, and I dont know how to code
-likes trying new things - key word is try hahaha like baking, cooking , art, reading, games, etc - some stick, some don't. i dont have a clear idea what im passionate about
-balanced likes between travel and roadtrips and staying at home too
-likes self-improvement including watching youtube vids for productivity, finance and new hobbies to try
-financially stable
-cute daw, 5'1
-likes anime and netflix
-wants someone but also very pagod to chat and get to know :(( Im hoping we share hobbies so meeting feels so natural instead of making out of the way
-north person

About you
-let's see if we match by swapping pics - physical will still play a role
-likes exploring too or trying new things? likes anime and netflix - wanna do stuff together. I mean its a pretty tiring cycle with the get to know but doesnt work out so I'd say the only way for it to stick is also to have similar hobbies so we don't meet by force? Friends first before lovers
-5'7 up? average looking or dad bod as long as you're not obese is okay (haha peace, really attracted to height)
Bonus: If youre an entrepreneur - recently attracted to those who can put up their own business
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2021.10.17 15:23 Chaoscontrol9999 Is this laptop worth it for coding ONLY?

Is it worth getting this laptop?
Will only be using it for coding.
MacBook Pro 2011
16gb ram
512gb SSD
Intel HD 3000
Radeon HD 6770M
For €350
(I already have a strong PC, just want a laptop too)
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2021.10.17 15:23 NaCled_ Lucy as she was the day before launch

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2021.10.17 15:23 Ihmisboi I know these have been done to death but heres AI generated Kid A Pictures

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2021.10.17 15:23 IsMoghul Can I convert my caps lock to a shortcut/modifier key?

Hey guys, I'm on Kubuntu 20.04 and using Plasma 5.18.5. I want to use my Caps Lock as an extra modifier key for various shortcuts instead of having a dead button on my keyboard.
In my keyboard settings, I have ticked the box that says "Make Caps lock an additional Hyper". However, whenever I use the key to make shortcuts, it's registered as Meta, so for example I have my Konsole mapped to Meta+T now.
Additionally, if I just press Caps Lock by itself now, it opens the applications launcher at the bottom left, same as the Windows/Meta key. I have also tried the same thing with the Super key option in the settings, with the same effect.
I'm looking for one of 3 solutions to my issues
1) A good way to properly convert my caps lock to a separate modifier from meta
2) A way to make caps lock not open my applications launcher
3) Another suggestion you guys might have that I didn't consider
I have tried to google this, but haven't found anything useful, or google thinks I want to make my meta key open the launcher, etc, which is why I'm here now.
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2021.10.17 15:23 Sharkmasterfl3x Are microwave safe dishes just a big scam?

Yea, I’ve bought some new dishes over the past year and a half, and always go with the microwave safe option. These things are still super heated upon coming out of the microwave after a minute and a half, isn’t that not supposed to happen?
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