2021.12.02 10:11 arsadat27 😬

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2021.12.02 10:11 DramaticTrout Doesn’t matter who you are

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2021.12.02 10:11 Satorikai Just started playing book 1 again, they used to have this? Dont remember it

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2021.12.02 10:11 Previous-Outside1512 Mild Orange is underrated convenes me otherwise

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2021.12.02 10:11 ALEXASAVEI Don't miss this One !!!

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2021.12.02 10:11 meanbartender Air no show.

With all the wealth Abu Dhabi has you would think they could at least afford to put on an air show on their 50th. Apparently not. It has been yet another national day shambles for the thousands of locals and visitors who ventured to the Corniche in anticipation of an exciting air display. Unfortunately, the only activity witnessed in the clear blue skies today was the local birds who had become clearly agitated by the bustling crowd and blaring car horns, a sprinkling of skydivers and a few errant ballons. Words can not describe the look of disappointment on the faces of both adults and children alike as 4pm came and went without so much as a kite to be seen.
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2021.12.02 10:11 slimscud What is the reason that make you chase a higher rank ?

There it is, a simple question that I have a few answers but not enough. I just want to know what your take in this particular question.
Mine is :
- self accomplishment
- feeling that training is not useless
- a bit of ego obviously
But I think I miss something
Whats your reasons.
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2021.12.02 10:11 Bloody_Disgusting [Trailer] Latest Chapter For ‘Dead by Daylight’ Available Now

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2021.12.02 10:11 tklomrod #Shorts Weight Loss Woman Doing Steel Dumbbells

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2021.12.02 10:11 saurin212 Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks told judge he couldn't pay child support because he ‘was getting incarcerated'

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2021.12.02 10:11 thom_89 Am I the only one who slightly prefers the 1984 film over the new one. Let me explain

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2021.12.02 10:11 iapprovethiscomment Would it be bad taste to get an offer letter from another organization to try and get a raise?

I've been recruited to apply for a higher position at a rival company. The pay and title would be higher (if I get it). I don't actually want to leave my current company though, I just want to get paid more.
What are people's thoughts on trying to get selected in order to get an offer sheet and how do you think management at current company would react if I used this as leverage?
I think that being honest and upfront is the best policy but I know some people might think of it as an ultimatum and stick them in a corner.
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2021.12.02 10:11 Swanihilator Do you guys think I did?

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2021.12.02 10:11 sthintheway The truth

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2021.12.02 10:11 FireJach I made Spider-Man: No Way Home poster :)

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2021.12.02 10:11 Liquidcokaine No audio output need help

Hi, so i don’t have any audio output on my pc, also no audio coming through the headset. All the drivers seem fine, so I’m kind of stuck. Any help would be appreciated
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2021.12.02 10:11 suckingvibrator69 Anna Kendrick

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2021.12.02 10:11 Marks_Media Have you ever stopped watching a movie for any other reason besides not liking it?

For me, it happened recently while watching a movie called 告白 (Confessions). I was really enjoying the opening scene and it seemed very interesting. Until something happened. To avoid spoilers I won't say exactly what but it affected me really deeply. I started crying uncontrollably and because what happened was so shocking and Japanese isn't my native language I couldn't understand through my crying so I had to stop watching.
I've only quit a few movies in my life but mostly because they are bad but this is the first time I couldn't keep going because of a different reason. Now I'm wondering if anybody has had a similar experience or another reason they quit a movie they were otherwise enjoying.
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2021.12.02 10:11 Svetlana1800 Under Scrutiny: How China’s New Policy Threatens the World’s 3rd Largest Foundry

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2021.12.02 10:11 BootySlapper6969 Here’s mine ig ok bye

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2021.12.02 10:11 antifabear Just ignore Kevin, he’s ____.

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2021.12.02 10:11 TheRealPW Has anyone here attended the Wizards Concert Series postgame?

I’m going to the game tomorrow with some friends and Ludacris is playing afterward. Just wondering what to expect and if it’s worth sticking around for.
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2021.12.02 10:11 Dry_Secret1610 Turned 18 yesterday. F18

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2021.12.02 10:11 Redditr_01 Inspired by an old post i saw somewhere

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2021.12.02 10:11 japanidol YOASOBI with ミドリーズ - ツバメ Official Music Video

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