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[ADA] ⬆ Cardano +2.26% in 15 minutes.+7.47% in 24 hours . Volume +9.25% in 15 minutes

2021.12.02 09:40 Arnadus [ADA] ⬆ Cardano +2.26% in 15 minutes.+7.47% in 24 hours . Volume +9.25% in 15 minutes

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2021.12.02 09:40 cemozancetintas My NFT '#15' is available on obkt.

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2021.12.02 09:40 StarWars_memer These are your final steps Rey

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2021.12.02 09:40 pokemomof03 Trying to pick but wondering if either of these are in add on’s?

The Uoma lipstick in Diana or the CC nail polish duo? I wont both but they are in the same category. Hoping to be able to snag one in add on’s.
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2021.12.02 09:39 Nocigreen Exercise

Hey all, I have had pots for years but had no idea. Spend those years ignoring symptoms or think some symptoms were just normal human things. I am super active at a challenge gym and I have a standing desk at work to keep movement in my day. Recently my symptoms have become so bad that I can't stand for long without getting migraines and I have been getting hypertension headaches at the gym. Now, I can feel my motivation to go to the gym slipping away and I think I'm a bit scared to go. My Dr said I may be going too much and that 5x a week at my particular gym is really hard for people without pots. (she knows about the gym's intensity bc it's a cross the road from her office). I don't know how to keep going without giving up all together. I don't know how to choose the classes that would be best for me. Cardio classes are super intense. Yoga is a lot of being upside down and standing back up which is triggering for me. My physical therapist told me not to do spin bc he doesn't want me to fall off the bike...
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2021.12.02 09:39 flacogarcons [LEQUIPE] In his new book which will be published in January in France, Zlatan Ibrahimovic reveals that he offered this summer to Nasser al-Khelaïfi during a phone call to replace Leonardo as sports director if he didn’t extend his contract in Milan.

[LEQUIPE] In his new book which will be published in January in France, Zlatan Ibrahimovic reveals that he offered this summer to Nasser al-Khelaïfi during a phone call to replace Leonardo as sports director if he didn’t extend his contract in Milan. submitted by flacogarcons to psg [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 09:39 Hamaarlakhor So apparently you can dodge auto attacks??

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2021.12.02 09:39 RedforChan Zoom on a SVG map with D3JS

I got a SVG of a world map on my html.index and I want to implement zoom in/out when double-clicked. I found so many examples but I'm struggling to make it work. I'm new to JS and don't know exactly what am I doing wrong. Could anyone help me? Thanks a lot!
My HTML and CSS:
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2021.12.02 09:39 earthmoonsun René Magritte - Le regard intérieur (The inner gaze) [799x1024]

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2021.12.02 09:39 TheUnPanderers House cat suffering from Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy - a rare condition that causes muscles to grow excessively large

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2021.12.02 09:39 aysaeed How long to leave Beijing international mail exchange?

My package has been there for 3 days
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2021.12.02 09:39 jkzktomlin Assuming the rumours are true and PIF have bought Inter, are we fucked in the long term?

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2021.12.02 09:39 AfterStrawberry6167 Jawdropping new attire.

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2021.12.02 09:39 Glittering_Cake9952 Trying to download TFT on mobile in SG, but it’s not on AppStore?

Basically title. Does anyone know exactly what to do? I read somewhere you need to switch your App Store to USA, but how to do that?
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2021.12.02 09:39 GiveSkittlesHugs acess to internal server network?

Hey all,
actually using a wireguard vpn client-to-site to be able to access the ssh of internal server. Until yet i hadnt access to the internal ip-addresses of the servers within, but with a bad solution (ssh port open for the public ip of the vpn server).
Now, cause there is much more we wanna be available to access (services, sites) which running behind, we want to get access from the wireguard network ( to the internal server network (

actual server config wg0:
Address =
PrivateKey = priv-key-from-server
ListenPort = 51820
PostUp = iptables -A FORWARD -i %i -j ACCEPT; iptables -A FORWARD -o %i -j ACCEPT; iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o et>PostDown = iptables -D FORWARD -i %i -j ACCEPT; iptables -D FORWARD -o %i -j ACCEPT; iptables -t nat -D POSTROUTING -o >

PublicKey = pub-key-from-client1
AllowedIPs =

PublicKey = pub-key-from-client2
AllowedIPs =

client config:
Address =
PrivateKey = priv-key-client
ListenPort = 51820

PublicKey = pub-key-server
AllowedIPs =, ::/0,
Endpoint = pub.vpn.srv.ip:51820

Does anyone has a idea how to get it working?

They are hetzner cloud servers with a cloud private network (, within is the sub (, within are the cloud servers with with services etc. i want to reach from vpn connection. The VPN server itself is, the connected peers are 2 office clients from where i want to get the access over vpn to the services and network
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2021.12.02 09:39 BottlerEater1 A fellow Indian, the Math-Master

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2021.12.02 09:39 OMGLookItsGavoYT Do you know de wai?

Do you know de wai?
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2021.12.02 09:39 rwoooshed aiMotive announces aiDrive 3.0

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2021.12.02 09:39 Jobseekingdeveloper Prep partner for DS/Algo

I am going to prepare for SDE job, and thinking to start DS/ Algo practice by interview cake / leetcode or “cracking the coding interview”. My plan is to complete it in next 3 months. Anybody wants to be a peer / mentor?
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2021.12.02 09:39 toxicbroforce One final rally

I will be holding on final rally tonight so people can come and learn about my plans for Tennessee if I’m elected governor of Tennessee so come on out and remember to vote Toxicbroforce for governor of Tennessee thank you and God bless
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2021.12.02 09:39 leothas Homebrew Inspiration rules for 5e

A bit of background: I'm running Waterdeep Dragon Heist module for a group, but felt like the DnD 5e lacked a bit of depth in the rules section when it comes to investigation and heist stories. Let's imagine a crime scene where they need to deduct or find a clue. An Intelligence (Investigation) ability check is used, but it fails. As a DM, I don't have very good tools how to deal with this situation, since I want them to find the clue. Just plain telling them the ability check did not matter is not an option in my opinion. That's why I revamped the INSPIRATION system to award STUNTS, which can be used to help in this kind of situations, helping the players (hopefully) to succeed and feel like they achieved something.
The Heist Pool is there to balance the actions and make the players feel like there are multiple forces working at the same time. More they knock on doors and make a splash, the more interested the other factions are at their activities. Hence HEIST POOL.
I'd ask for any constructive criticism on the rules below, thanks!
Now on to the rules:
Using Inspiration If you have Inspiration, you can expend it when you make an Attack roll, saving throw, or ability check. Spending your Inspiration gives you an additional Inspiration Dice (D6), and in a case of successful ability check, the possibility to use Stunts.
Awarding Inspiration Each session is starts with Inspiration and it can be expended once. You can be rewarded with new Inspiration when your action is related to somehow to one of your Personal Characteristics (like Ideals, Bonds, Flaws). Inspirations do not stack; you can only hold one inspiration at a time. Bardic inspiration is a separate source of inspiration and can be expanded with the same ability check.
Stunts When you roll dice for an ability check and you use an inspiration dice, that check generates stunt points (abbreviated SP). If the check is successful, you can use these points to enhance the results of your action, pulling off some special maneuver, trick, or flourish beyond just the benefits of success. You must spend any stunt points you generate on a check or else they disappear at the end of your turn. The kinds of stunts you can achieve depend on the type of action.
Example: Interrogating a low level Xanathar thug, Zarax decides to use Charisma (Intimidation) check to make him speak. The check is important, so Inspiration Dice (d6) is used. You roll a 12 (d20) + 3 (ability and proficiency bonus) + a 4 (d6) = 19 on your Charisma (Intimidation) ability check, which succeeds. With a result of 4 in the Inspiration Dice, 4 Stunt Points are generated. Maybe an investigation stunt can be pulled to unearth additional clues about the true nature of Xanathar?
Fortune points Characters have a value called Fortune Points (FP for short), which represents a measure of survival instinct, dumb luck, good fortune, divine favor, whatever you want to call it. It can be used to reduce received damage (1 damage reduced per 2 spent fortune) or used to improve the result of a dice throw. You can spend Fortune points to make one die show the value of the number of FP you spend, up to 6. Characters receive 4 fortune points on first level. After that 2 FP per level. Fortune points are restored during downtime, or when leveling up (not with rests).
Example: Helm gets hit in the head with Ogre club while looking for the Lair of the Beholder. He receives 13 damage, which would drop him to -2 HP. Helm decides to spend 6 fortune points, which will reduce 3 damage and keep him in battle order, at 1 HP.
Example 2: Nell is trying to track a Gazer, a grapefruit sized floating eye monster, through the sewers of Waterdeep. You make an Intelligence (Investigation) ability check, with inspiration. The result was 7 (d20) + 5 (skill bonus) + 1 (d6) = 13, which is lower than the DC (15). Nell decides to spend 3 fortune points to change the inspiration dice result to 3, which makes the skill check succeed. Also, 3 SP is then generated, which can be expanded to perform a stunt.
Investigation Stunts SP COST STUNT
1-3 (CORE) A-HA!: The DM reveals an additional useful fact about the object of your ability check per SP spent (Simple); gain +1 per SP spent to your next check following up on the lead you just unlocked (Detailed).
1 FLASHBACK: This check reminds you of something important you forgot. The DM reveals the identity or existence of another source of information you didn’t know about (Simple); you have proficiency on the skill which is used in the next check you make to unlock a lead related to this check (Detailed).
2 INTUITION: The DM reveals a fact about the object of your check you could not have noticed or deduced simply by interacting with it (Simple); when you uncover a clue, you gain two new leads instead of one, making the path branch (Detailed).
3 LUCKY BREAK (DETAILED): This check’s result leads fortuitously to putting two and two together later. Gain advantage to next ability check related to this check.
4 DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE (DETAILED): If this ability check led to a reveal, the DM also provides a brand new lead about a new subject that will lead to greater rewards.
5 BREAKTHROUGH: You gain not only information but some form of incontrovertible proof. This proof can be used to prove someone innocent or otherwise.
Attitude Stunts SP COST STUNT
1-3 (CORE) MAKING AN OFFER: Your check implies a promise or olive branch, temporarily shifting the target’s Attitude toward you up by one per SP spent (even if this check already shifted it); it shifts back by the same amount as soon as you fail a Charisma ability check against them. Inapplicable when performing a grand gesture.
1 READ THE ROOM: The DM reveals the current Attitude, or an intention or mood indicator, for one character present of your choice, in reaction to your ability check. You can choose this stunt multiple times per roll. Characters with may use their Charisma (Deception) ability vs your Wisdom (Insight) to hide their true Attitude.
2 ON THE FENCE: Choose a character you didn’t target who’s Standoffish, Neutral, or Open toward you. They’re convinced to take your side in the conflict, as long as they don’t already oppose you (Simple); shift their Attitude toward you up by one for the rest of the encounter (Detailed).
3 BAD FORM: Immediately regain the SP you spent on this stunt, plus 1 more. Then choose any character present; they now consider you a rival, threat, or enemy, shifting their Attitude to Hostile if it was Standoffish or Neutral, or shifting it to its negative variation if it was more positive. Inapplicable if all NPCs present are already Hostile toward you.
3 CAST OUT: Your action shames or embarrasses another character present, imposing a disadvantage on their next Charisma ability check against anyone but you in this encounter (Simple) or worsening the Attitude of one other character present toward them by one shift (Detailed).
4 RISKY BUSINESS: Your action reveals a secret or contains a significant lie, shifting your target’s Attitude toward another character in the scene from Neutral or worse to Very Hostile; it also worsens your target’s Attitude toward you by one shift, as they’re inclined to shoot the messenger. If you lied and the target later finds out, their Attitude toward you shifts to Very Hostile as well.
5 MEDDLE: Your action brings others together or drives a wedge between them. Choose two other characters present and shift their Attitudes toward each other up or down by one (both in the same direction).
Membership & Reputation Stunts SP COST STUNT
1 (CORE) WELL MET: You tag the perfect witty remark onto the end of your action. If you can’t think of one, let the group brainstorm and pick one among their ideas. Gain a temporary renown, for the rest of the session.
1 STICK YOUR NECK OUT: Your ability check puts your own Reputation in jeopardy to help someone else. An ally of your choice gains an advantage to their next Charisma ability check in this encounter; if they fail, you lose all Reputation bonuses.
2 IN GOOD STANDING: When targeting a member of an organization in which you have Membership, treat your rank as one higher for the purpose of gaining access to resources for the rest of this encounter.
3 BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT: Your action impresses or charms any one character present. Roll Persuasion to affect someone with an Attitude of Hostile or worse; no roll is necessary for others. Increase all relevant Membership and Reputation bonuses by +1 while interacting with that character for the rest of the session; this may improve their Attitude toward you, at the DM’s discretion.
4 OOZING CONFIDENCE: Your action impresses or fools all the right people. Gain one temporary rank of Membership for the rest of the session, or until you next fail an ability check relevant to this influence, whichever comes first.
5 NAME-DROPPING: Your action displays your affiliation with someone whose Membership rank is higher than yours in an organization to which you belong. You may use their Reputation or Membership benefits with that organization as your own for the rest of the session; if they find out and disapprove, worsen their Attitude toward you by one shift.
General Exploration Stunts SP COST STUNT
1-3 (CORE) WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER: You reveal this ability check was part of your plan all along, granting a bonus equal to the SP spent on one ally’s next check during the same encounter to accomplish the same goal. If desired, you can split the bonus among multiple allies, giving each a minimum +1. You must make this decision before any ally rolls.
1+ A STITCH IN TIME: You put in the effort to do it right the first time, setting yourself up for greater success later. Gain +1 per SP spent on your next ability check related to this one during this encounter.
1+ PAY DIRT: In the course of your endeavor, you win a bet, happen across a conveniently abandoned stash, or discover something valuable you can pawn to make a buck, among other possibilities. Gain 100 gp per SP spent. Multiple instances of this stunt cannot be performed during an encounter.
2 JURY RIG: You find or improvise a piece of equipment you need to be more effective. Negate any situational penalties you would suffer for lacking proper equipment on ability check appropriate to the improvisation, for the rest of the encounter.
2 SPEED DEMON: You complete your ability check in half the time it would otherwise take.
3 THE UPPER HAND: If your success leads to combat within the encounter, you receive a +3 on your initiative roll.
4 WITH A FLOURISH: You impress everyone who watches you with your ability. Gain advantage to opposed ability checks against them for the rest of the encounter.
Infiltration Stunts SP COST STUNT
1+ (CORE) JUST A SHADOW: Gain +1 per SP spent to your next ability check during this encounter as long as you remain unnoticed.
1 (CORE) GOOD INSTINCTS: Make a Wisdom (Perception) ability check with the same DC as the ability check you just made to learn the most likely immediate consequence of the action you just performed.
1+ CALMING THE WATERS: Reduce the current Heist Pool by the SP spent. See The Heist Pool below for details.
1 BRAVERY: Your success bolsters your courage, granting you Advantage in Saving throws against the next trap you face in this encounter.
2 OVER HERE!: Your flashy action makes you the center of attention. Each of your allies gains advantage to their next ability check to hide in this encounter, using skills such as Stealth or Disguise. Any action an opponent takes until then automatically targets you.
2 TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM: When you successfully avoid damage from a trap, but an ally doesn’t, you may take the damage for that ally while they remain unaffected.
3 COVER YOUR TRACKS: Whether you’re investigating a crime scene, evading the city guard, or infiltrating a military stronghold, you impose a disadvantage on all future ability checks to follow your trail related to this ability check.
3 HIGH MAGIC HUSTLE: With an injection of a minor cantrip or quick thinking, you sidestep one minor complication impeding your current goal, or give yourself the ability to perform one task you otherwise couldn’t in the current situation, at the DM’s discretion.
4 IT WASN’T ME: You leave evidence another character is responsible for the results of your ability check, such as breaking and entering, cheating at cards, or destroying evidence. All failed ability checks to investigate the truth reveal that person as the culprit, and such checks suffer a disadvantage.
5 FANCY MEETING YOU HERE: Choose a proficiency or feat your character doesn’t possess. An NPC of the DM’s choice with that proficiency or feat appears in the scene within a few minutes, or a few rounds if your action leads directly to action time. This doesn’t dictate anything about their situation, attitude, or identity; these are all up to the DM.
General Social Stunts SP COST STUNT
1–3 (CORE) IMPRESS: Gain a +1 per SP spent to your next Charisma ability check against the same target as this check, during this encounter.
1 CARDS ON THE TABLE: If you were completely honest when making this ability check, your target must be completely honest in the next Charisma ability check they make against you during this encounter. This doesn’t stop either character from omitting information or offering misleading truths.
1 MAKING AN ENTRANCE: If this is your first action of the encounter, gain +1 to your next opposed check against one character who witnessed it. You can choose this stunt multiple times per roll.
2 AND ANOTHER THING: Make a second, related ability check as part of your action, before anyone else has a chance to respond or make any checks of their own.
2 HIDDEN MESSAGE: Your words convey a different message to one person than to everyone else who hears them; the character you choose is the only one who can decipher your true meaning.
2 SWAY THE CROWD: Your words affect one additional person of your choice. You may choose this stunt multiple times per roll, but if someone opposed your check, you can’t expand the effect to anyone with a higher ability + proficiency total than the original target.
3 GOOD COP/BAD COP: Choose an ally to immediately make a check in seeming opposition to the one you just made, with the same target. If they succeed, rather than garnering the usual results, they prompt the target to give up a secret you didn’t already know.
3 LET’S MAKE A DEAL: Your action turns out to benefit a character you didn’t target, who now owes you a favor, however grudgingly.
3 OBJECTION!: You step in on someone else’s behalf. Another character in the scene may use your ability + proficiency score instead of their own next time they oppose a check during this encounter.
4 CLASS CLOWN: Your words lighten the mood, imposing a –2 penalty to all enemies’ initiative rolls if a fight breaks out during this encounter.
4 FLIRT: Roll Charisma (Persuasion) against a character whose Attitude toward you is Open or better, with a positive bent (DC determined by DM), if the check was successful, they become enamored with your character, opening the door to future romance or intimacy. How this proceeds is up to you and the DM to work out together.
4 FROM THE HEART: You believe wholeheartedly in what you say. Choose one Charisma based skill Proficiency. If you don’t have it already, gain it for the rest of the encounter. If you do, gain advantage to rolls you make with it.
4 SLEEP WITH ONE EYE OPEN: Applies to an ability check targeting someone you have a negative Relationship with, or who has harmed someone you have a Relationship with. The next attack you make against that target in this session is automatically a surprise attack, as long as they weren’t already in combat.
5 ENRAGE: Choose one character present whose Attitude toward you is Neutral or worse, or a negative variant of a more positive Attitude. They must immediately either attack you or storm out of the scene. If they attack, it needn’t be deadly, though it can be.
5 PATTER: Your rapid-fire words confuse your target, who must win a competing Wisdom (Perception) check vs. your Charisma (Deception), or automatically fail their next non-attack check against you.
7 MY WORD IS MY BOND: Applies to an ability check relevant to completing a task you’ve promised someone you have a Relationship with you’ll perform. Gain Advantage to rolls directly related to completing this task until the end of the session.
Situational Stunts 1 WALKING TO THE BEAT: You know this neighborhood-and its regular scum-like the back of your hand. Make an Intelligence (Investigation) ability check with the same DC as the check you just made to learn one important connection a character present has in this city. You may choose this stunt multiple times per roll.
1-3 LOST IN THE CROWD: +1 per SP spent on your next check to hide among or blend in with the crowd during this encounter.
1-3 PERFECT TIMING: You time your ability check just so, at a moment when the turning gears, dangling ropes, and clanging bells work in your allies' favor. For each SP spent, an ally gains +1 SP on their next ability check. You may choose Perfect Timing multiple times per check for different allies.
4 MYSTERIOUS STRANGER: The object of your ability check becomes fascinated with you and follows you anywhere you lead during this encounter, until you fail a check that targets them
4 SHOUT “FIRE!”: When you make a Charisma ability check, you follow it up with a related shout, brief speech, or flashy action that gets people's attention and prompts them to act en masse in a way they could reasonably have acted on their own, given impetus. This only affects the masses, not individual important NPCs, unless those NPCs would waive their opposition.

Heist Pool: Actions Have Consequences Heist Pool goes up when:
1) A character succeeds on an ability check and rolls 6 on the Inspiration Dice
2) A character spends 4 or more stunt points to perform a stunt
3) Fortune points are spent to alter a die roll
4) The characters complete a section of the adventure
The DM keeps track of the Heist Pool that represents the buildup of events during an adventure, where every twist and turn adds to its weight, that swirl of fickle fate that eventually boils over and bites the heroes right in the tail. Some actions, like downtime, can be used to cool down the Heist Pool.
When the Heist Pool reaches 10, the characters face a setback, a minor complication that makes things more difficult for them. The pool keeps on growing and when 20 is reached, the characters must deal with a more serious setback. Epic heist means that the characters need to deal with completely new threat and things are seriously getting hectic. These milestones might also trigger a progression of the game events.
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2021.12.02 09:39 garybeharrie 8K] F.E.A.R. with Ray Tracing & Depth of Field PC in 2021

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2021.12.02 09:39 yungcashregister5150 I got banned from target and Walmart . Used a new device , new wifi new card new address and still they ban me . If anybody can help with a method to get me unbanned . Also looking for someone to be my refunder since my old one no longer does it .

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