Anyone have extra mistletoe? [Art by tonton]

Many people have a different perspective on holiday gifts this year, after the challenges of 2020. Rather than spending a lot of money on stuff that can break or quickly lose a child's interest ... Dramatic definition, of or relating to the drama. See more. A Mistletoe Kiss (4.59) A spring of mistletoe overcomes the race barrier. Interracial Love 11/28/14: A Photographic Memory (4.70) Lisa spies a couple taking photos on Dartmoor. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 02/04/11: A Second Chance (4.49) Fuck buddies meet again under very different circumstances. Erotic Couplings 05/04/07 A pair of extra soft and sensual bondage restraints with pre-looped twists, so all they have to do is slip them on and start to play. Lovehoney Promising reviews: "Bought these a while ago for ... When hosting a trivia night, it always pays to remember that fun trivia questions are the best trivia questions. Although you might feel like you're stuck for questions to ask, all you need are amusing and entertaining topics to draw from. The trivia questions that not only get the best response but also entertain the players or teams the most are the most fun questions. I have ordered from you 2 years in in a row now and I am in love with your letters!!! By far the best available that post worldwide! Thank you for providing such a beautiful gift that I will be holding on to forever for my children!!! I have already recommended you guys to so many 🙂 Jessica P. from Australia Your Christmas wish has just come true! It’ll be extra special this year with some real holiday sizzle straight off Santa's Naughty & Nice list, thanks to stocking stuffer anthology “Meet Me Under The Mistletoe” with stories from 11 favorite authors. The anthology revisits some favorite and new couples in delectable stories by favorite ... "Mistletoe" is a Christmas song by Canadian singer Justin Bieber. The song was written by Bieber and his producers, Nasri and Adam Messinger.The song was released on October 17, 2011, as the lead single from his second studio album and first Christmas album, Under the Mistletoe (2011). "Mistletoe" is a pop and R&B song, that has reggae influences. . "Mistletoe" received generally positive ... It would have been priests who most likely carried out the major Viking ritual: sacrifice. Although, anyone could offer objects or sacrifice animals to the gods, and it seemed the Vikings were not opposed to human sacrifices, too, at certain ceremonies, such as funerals. I have some alarming information, you guys. Is everyone sitting down for this? Have a seat, pour a drink, lather your entire torso in CBD ointment or whatever the kids are using these days. In approximately two months, it will be 2022. Let that sink in for a second. Is that mind blowing for anyone else?

2021.12.02 09:49 IronScrub Anyone have extra mistletoe? [Art by tonton]

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2021.12.02 09:49 WaffleNutz My Blue Setup (Specs: IBUYPOWER Prebuilt, Rx 6600, intel i5 10400f. Halo Infinite Edition Keyboard, Msi 165hz Monitor, Blue Snowball Mic, Neptune RGB Mousepad, and Turtle Beach Recon 70 Headphones)

My Blue Setup (Specs: IBUYPOWER Prebuilt, Rx 6600, intel i5 10400f. Halo Infinite Edition Keyboard, Msi 165hz Monitor, Blue Snowball Mic, Neptune RGB Mousepad, and Turtle Beach Recon 70 Headphones) submitted by WaffleNutz to battlestations [link] [comments]


some people should actually read it
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2021.12.02 09:49 FaithlessnessWhole69 In a year, what amount of EGC will you need to have to be considered a whale?

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2021.12.02 09:49 AtlasPosterAccount A 1960s Map Showing The Population Density Of Hungary

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2021.12.02 09:49 GhostOfAnubis (segundo post) ESCAROLA?

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2021.12.02 09:49 Man_is_Hot Welp, Day 1 of try 483 of daily meditations is now complete.

I’m sure I’m not the only one here, but I have always struggled to meditate daily. I’ve tried so many times to say “Hey, I need this everyday. You know what, imma do that! Meditate every day!” Then life happens. I’m busy, I’m stressed, I’m exhausted, I’m out, I’m always with people, the excuses just go on and on and on.
I use Calm to go to sleep nearly every night and I’ve tried a lot of different guided meditations on the app. I enjoy them, think they would be helpful if I just fucking stuck to it! What is a good motivator, a good tactic to stay on track and make this happen every day? Should I reward myself for making it 4 days? How can I be held accountable?
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2021.12.02 09:49 ASpaceOstrich Just lost my first campaign. Want to start off on the right foot for my second.

I took an exploration job and managed to find nearly a million credits in valuables. I also stored 10,000 materials in a stable orbit ready for a return trip. Found a ship that I could fix up that had some green hull mods, dodged the nearby scavengers that would try to stop me, and booked it out of the system...
Only to discover that I had less then half the fuel needed to reach civilisation. I finally figured out how to tell where was populated and where wasn't, and realised that I'd gone practically as far away from civilisation as possible, which explains why nobody had nabbed the million credits of valuables yet. My fleet made it 3/4's of the way back to civilisation. Further than I thought, but finally got stuck in a red giant system where it slowly began breaking down due to supply loss.

So anyway, I want to start again and this time I want to do it right. I like the idea of exploring so I want to build myself up as an explorer. I'm guessing that entails lots of cargo and tanker ships, but the scavengers seemed brutal so I guess I'll need a bit of everything so I don't get murdered. What do?
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2021.12.02 09:49 MFF-Mod Challenger Cheer Thread - December 02, 2021

Weekly Timeline reset will occur soon after the posting of this thread. Use this thread to discuss who you are cheering for.
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2021.12.02 09:49 Bubba420 4L?

What does 4L stand for?
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2021.12.02 09:49 vldzmtordusvlf 5 things to watch on Fox Nation this December

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2021.12.02 09:49 Special_Yam_1174 Facebook loosens licensing requirements for Bitcoin exchange and wallet advertisers

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2021.12.02 09:49 ItsYaBoyGoose This guy had a bad round of the Artist and then decided to friend me to keep complaining

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2021.12.02 09:49 MmaOverSportsball Woodley is trying to be a replacement for Paul/Fury

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2021.12.02 09:49 Low-City2671 COPING MECHANISM TERM FOR RESEARCH

Hello, I am and undergraduate student doing a research regarding coping mechanisms during quarantine. Is there a term where the coping mechanism is not as effective when you first used it? I am thinking of Ineffective Individual Coping but that does not cover the time frame. Any Ideas? Thank you in advance!
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2021.12.02 09:49 akaBrotherNature Sauron preparing to fight Elendil and Gil-galad during the siege of Barad-dûr (S.A. 3441, colorized)

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2021.12.02 09:49 dinkomaricic [H] Project Wingman, House Flipper, SCUM, Generation Zero, Bigfoot, Plague Inc Evolved, Grim Dawn, Dicey Dungeons, Hurtworld, Breathedge, Hollow Knight, Crawl, Slime Rancher, Gang Beasts, PGA Tour 2K21, SOMA, Visage, Heavy Rain & 100's more [W] Wishlist, Offers, Paypal (EU)

Due to issues regarding humblebundle suspending accounts I will provide keys ONLY - NO gift links. You can read more in this announcement.

Not interested in Amazon Prime games or giveaway games,so dont offer

My SGS Rep 80+ not updating anymore
My IGS Rep 35+ same as SGSRep

I'm from EU,so KEYS SHOULD work pretty much anywhere
NOT BUYING GAMES,ONLY TRADES - games for games or selling for paypal
No interest in ANY RL,CSGO,TF2 or any other keys
BUYER covers the FEES (if outside EU,EU F&F only)
My Wishlist or offer something (game or paypal)
My Steam account so you dont offer me something I already own

List of games I have:
7 Billion Humans NEW
10 Second Ninja X
60 Seconds! NEW
112 Operator
911 Operator 1€
A Case Of Distrust 1€
A Year Of Rain
Absolute Drift Zen Edition
Absolver NEW
Aeolis Tournament
Age Of Wonders III 1€
Ageless 0.5€
Agents Of Mayhem
AI War 2
Alien Spidy
All You Can Eat
Almost There The Platformer
American Fugitive 0.5€
Amnesia Fortnight 2012 1€
Amnesia Fortnight 2014 1€
Amnesia Fortnight 2017 1€
Amnesia Rebirth NEW
Ancestors Legacy
Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey NEW (EU & Africa locked)
Aragami (X3)
Atari Vault
Attack Of The Earthlings
Automachef 1€
Aven Colony 1€
Avernum 3 Ruined World 1€
Azkend 2 The World Beneath
Band Of Defenders
Banished NEW
Baseball Riot
Battlestar Galactica Deadlock 1€
Battletech NEW
Battlezone Gold Edition
Beholder 2 (X2) 1€
Betrayer (delisted)
Between The Stars NEW
Beyond Eyes
BigFoot (X2) NEW
Bird Of Light
Black Future '88 1€
Black Paradox
Blazing Beaks
Bohemian Killing
Bomber Crew Deluxe 1€
Borderlands GOTY Enhanced NEW (EU & Africa locked)
Boreal Blade 0.5€
BPM Bullets Per Minute NEW
Breathedge NEW
Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead NEW
Broforce NEW
Broken Age (X2) 0.5€
Brutal Legend 0.5€
Bulb Boy
Bunker Punks
Call Of Juarez
Castaway Paradise Town Building Sim
Cities In Motion 2 0.75€
Clouds & Sheep 2
Coffin Dodgers
Company Of Heroes Complete Edition NEW
Crash Drive 3 1€
Crawl NEW
Creatures Inc
Crookz The Big Heist 0.5€
Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon
Crusader Kings Complete 0.5€
Curious Expedition
Danger Scavenger
Day Of Infamy 1€
Dead Age 0.5€
Dead In Bermuda
Dead In Vinland
Deadly Premonition Director's Cut
Deadbeat Heroes (X2)
Death Squared 1€
Death's Hangover
Deep Dungeons Of Doom
Deep Sky Derelicts
Delver (X2)
Deponia The Complete Journey
Desert Child 1€
Detective Di The Silk Road Murders 1€
Diaries Of A Spaceport Janitor
Dicey Dungeons NEW
Die Young NEW
Dimension Drifter
Distraint 2 + Soundtrack 0.5€
Divekick 0.5€
Doctor Who The Lonely Assassins
Dog Sled Saga 0.75€
Double Fine Adventures Complete Series Deluxe
Drake Hollow
Dread X Collection
Dry Downing
Due Process NEW
Dungeon Marathon
Dungeons 2
Dungeons 2 Complete
Dungeons 3 1€
Dwarfs!? 1€
Dustforce DX
Eador Imperium (X2)
Eastside Hockey Manager
Empyrion Galactic Survival NEW
Epic Manager
Equilinox 1€
E.T. Armies Deluxe Edition
Evergarden 1€
F1 2018 1€
Family Man 1€
Fantasy Blacksmith
Fantasy Versus
Fell Seal Arbiter's Mark 1€
FIA European Truck Racing 1€
Figment (X2)
Fire Ungh's Quest
Fluffy Horde
Fort Triumph 1€
Framed Collection (X2) 1€
Frog Detective 1 The Haunted Island (X2) 1€
Frog Detective 2 The Case Of The Invisible Wizard 1€
Fun With Ragdolls The Game 1€
Fury Unleashed 1€
Gang Beasts NEW
Garage Bad Trip (X2) 1€
Gas Guzzlers Extreme 0.5€
Generation Zero NEW
Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams + Rise Of The Owlverlord
Goat Of Duty 0.5€
Gods Will Fall NEW
Goetia (X2)
Going Under
Golf It NEW
Grand Ages Medieval
Grand Pigeon's Duty
Gray Dawn 1€
Gremlins Inc.
Grid Autosport (delisted) NEW
Grim Dawn NEW
Grip Combat Racing + Cygon + Nyvoss + Terra + Vintek DLC (X2)
Gunman Tales
Guns Gore & Cannoli 1€
Guts And Glory 1€
Half Past Fate
Hearts Of Iron IV Cadet Edition
Heavy Rain NEW
Hero Defense
Hero Of The Kingdom III
Hive Jump (X2)
Hiveswap Act 1 (X2) 0.5€
Hiveswap Act 2
Hiveswap Friend Sim 1€
Hollow Knight NEW
Horace 1€
Hotline Miami 2 Digital Special Edition
Hotshot Racing 0.5€
Hot Tin Roof The Cat That Wore A Fedora
House Flipper NEW
Hover (X2) 1€
How To Survive 2
Human Resource Machine NEW
Hurtworld NEW
I Am Not A Monster First Contact(X2) 0.5€
Ice Lakes
Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition 1€
Immortal Planet 1€
Impact Winter
In Between
In Other Waters 0.5€
Infinite Air With Mark McMorris (delisted)
Internet Cafe Simulator 1€
Interplanetary Enhanced Edition 1€
Iris And The Giant 0.5€
Iron Fisticle 0.5€
Jet Set Knights
John Wick Hex
Juanito Arcade Mayhem
Jump Stars
KartKraft NEW
Katana Zero NEW
Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes (X3) NEW
Kill To Collect
Kingdom Classic (X2)
King Oddball
Knights Of Pen & Paper 2
Kyle Is Famous Complete NEW 1€
Last Oasis
Last Tide
Lead And Gold Gangs Of Wild West (X2) 1€
Legacy Of Dorn Herald Of Oblivion (delisted)
Lethal League Blaze
Lifeless Planet Premium Edition
Light Fall
Lobotomy Corporation NEW
Lorelai 1€
Love Is Dead 0.5€
Magrunner Dark Pulse
Main Assembly 1€
Masquerada Songs And Shadows
Masquerade The Baubles Of Doom
Metro 2033 Redux
Mini Metro NEW
Miscreated (X2) NEW
Monster Truck Championship
Mordheim City Of The Damned 1€
Motorsport Manager NEW
Moving Out
Möbius Front ‘83 NEW
My Lovely Daughter
Nairi Tower Of Shirin 1€
Necronator Dead Wrong
NecroVisioN Lost Company
Neo Cab 1€
Neon Abyss NEW
NeuroVoider 1€
Niche (X2) 1€
Nine Parchments
Ninjin Clash Of Carrots
No Time To Relax
Numba Deluxe 0.5€
Odyssey The Story Of Science 1€
Of Orcs And Men 0.5€
Old School Musical
On Rusty Trails
One Finger Death Punch 2
Onikira Demon Killer
OPUS Rocket Of Whispers 1€
Orbital Racer
Oriental Empires
Original War (X2)
Orwell Ignorance Is Strength 1€
Overlord II 0.5€
Override Mech City Brawl 1€
Pacer NEW
Paper Fire Rookie
Papers Please NEW
Passpartout The Starving Artist NEW
Path Of Giants 1€
Paw Paw Paw
Peaky Blinders Mastermind (X2)
PGA Tour 2K21 NEW (EU & Africa locked)
Pinstripe (X2) 1€
Plague Inc Evolved NEW
Plane Mechanic Simulator
Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition 1€
Portal Knights
Pound Of Ground (X2)
Primal Carnage Extinction (X2)
Project Cars GOTY
Project Wingman NEW
Psychonauts 0.5€
Pumped BMX+
Punch Club 1€
Purrfect Date (X2) 0.5€
Quest Hunter NEW
Quest Of Dungeons
RAD (X2) 1€
Rad Rodgers Radical Edition
Rage In Piece
Raiden V Director's Cut 1€
Railway Empire 1€
Rebel Galaxy 0.5€
Rec Center Tycoon (X2) 1€
Redeemer Enhanced Edition
Redout Enhanced Edition 1€
Relicta 1€
Remnants Of Naezith
Remothered Broken Porcelain 1€
Replay VHS Is Not Dead
Retimed 1€
Ring Of Pain
Rise Of Industry 1€
Rise Of Insanity
Risk Of Rain NEW
Rock Of Ages 3 Make & Break 1€
Rogue Stormers
Rover Mechanic Simulator (X2) 1€
Sakura Angels 1€
Samorost 3
Satellite Reign
Second Extinction (X2) NEW
Serious Sam BFE (X2) NEW
SEUM Speedrunners From Hell
Shadow Warrior 2 NEW
She Remembered Caterpillars 0.5€
Shock Troopers
Shuyan Saga
Simulacra Collection 1€
SimpleRockets 2
Size Matters 1€
Skully 1€
Slap City
Slasher's Keep NEW
Slime Rancher NEW
Smile For Me 1€
Smoke And Sacrifice (X2) 1€
Sniper Elite V2 (delisted)
SoulCalibur VI NEW
Spacebase DF-9
Space Hulk Ascension (delisted)
Sparkle 2
Sparkle Unleashed
Star Trek (delisted) NEW
State Of Mind 1€
Stealth Inc 2 A Game Of Clones (X2)
Steel Rats
Stick Fight The Game (X2)
Still There 1€
Streets Of Fury EX
Streets Of Rogue NEW
Struggling 0.5€
Stubbs The Zombie
Stygian Reign Of The Old Ones
Sudden Strike 4
Super Inefficient Golf
Swag And Sorcery 1€
Sword Legacy Omen (X2) 1€
Swords And Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon 1€
Swords And Souls Neverseen (X2)
Syberia II
Syberia 3 Deluxe Edition 1.5€
Table Manners The Physics-Based Dating Game
Tabletop Playground
Take On Helicopters
Take On Mars
Take That
Tales From Candlekeep Tomb Of Annihilation
Tales Of Berseria NEW
Tales Of Monkey Island Complete
Talisman Digital Edition + City,Frostmarch,Sacred Pool (trading only as a bundle)
Talisman Origins
Tank Mechanic Simulator
Tannenberg 1€
Teleglitch Die More Edition 1€
Tennis In The Face
Tennis World Tour (X2)
Tesla Vs Lovecraft 1€
Tharsis (X2)
The Ambassador Fractured Timelines 1€
The Adventure Pals 1€
The Battle Of Polytopia
The Battle Of Polytopia Moonrise Deluxe
The Darkness II
The Free Ones
The Gate Of Firmament
theHunter Call Of The Wild (X2)
The Invisible Hours
The Journey Down Chapter Three 1€
The King Of Fighters XIII Steam Edition
The King Of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match NEW
The Last Blade
The Mims Beginning
The Night Of The Rabbit 0.5€
The Other Half
The Stanley Parable NEW
The Surge 2 NEW
The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes 1€
The Textorcist The Story of Ray Bibbia (X2) 1€
The Uncertain Last Quiet Day (X2)
The Vagrant 1€
The Walking Dead Season 1 + 400 Days
The Walking Vegetables
The Wild Eight (X2) 1€
They Bleed Pixels
Think Of The Children
This War Of Mine 1€
Through The Darkest Of Times 1€
Tilt Brush
Time Recoil
Titan Quest Anniversary
Tools Up
Tooth And Tail (X2) 1€
Torchlight 1€
Total Tank Simulator 1€
Toto Temple Deluxe
Tower Of Time (X2) 1€
Townsmen A Kingdom Rebuilt 0.5€
Toybox Turbos 0.5€
Tracks The Train Set Game
Train Station Renovation 1€
Treasure Hunter Simulator 1€
Tricky Towers
Tropico 4 1€
True Fear Forsaken Souls
Tsioque 0.5€
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion NEW
Unexplored 1€
Vane 1€
Victoria II
Vikings Wolves Of Midgard 1€
Visage (X2) NEW
V Rally 4 1€
Warhammer End Times Vermintide 1€
Warlock Master Of The Arcane
Wasteland 2 Directors Cut NEW
We Are The Dwarves
West Of Dead
We Were Here Together NEW
When Ski Lifts Go Wrong
Wildfire 1€
Wingspan NEW
Witch It NEW
Wooden Sen'SeY
World's Dawn
Worms Rumble + Legends DLC
Wrath Aeon Of Ruin NEW
WRC 7 World Rally Championship 1€
WWE 2K Battlegrounds
XCOM 2 + Reinforcement Pack NEW (EU & Africa locked)
Xenoraid The First Space War
XIII Classic 1€
Yet Another Zombie Defense HD
Ylands Exploration Pack
Yooka-Laylee 1€
Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair
Zack 2 Celestine's Map
Zombie Army Trilogy NEW
Zombie Kill Of The Week Reborn

Ashampoo BackUp Pro 14 1.5€
Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 7 1.5€
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 18 2€
Music Maker Hip Hop edition 4€

Some of the games from my wishlist:
The Spy Who Shrunk Me
Two Worlds II HD
Star Explorers
Quake IV
Hydrophobia Prophecy
Gunslugs 3 Rogue Tactics
I Shall Remain
Return To Castle Wolfenstein
Aluna Sentinel Of The Shards
...and about 200 more games

I'm from EU,so KEYS SHOULD work pretty much anywhere
My Wishlist or offer something (game or paypal)
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2021.12.02 09:49 Flex0022 [General] just harvested my first flush ever! Dried in a dehydrator for about 3 hours, stored them in a Tupperware with descicant. Are they becoming moist again?!

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2021.12.02 09:49 Material-Mention-866 Are they in pain with this condition?🥺I hope not

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2021.12.02 09:49 mojo_ca Weekend Esports Roundup (December 4-5, 2021)

Hello! Time for esports. Here's what happened last week:

Here's what's coming up this week:
Diabotical Birthday Series: Europe #6 Date: Saturday, December 4, 2021 Start Time: 15:00 CET / 9am ET / 6am PT Region: Europe Game Type: Duel Prize Pool: $675 USD Bracket/Signups: Liquipedia: Stream: Plenty of streams expected, be sure to check out the Diabotical Directory on Twitch!
eggwp EU Weekly Series #40 Date: Sunday, December 5, 2021 Start Time: 13:00 CEST / 7:00am ET / 4:00am PT Region: Europe Game Type: Duel Prize Pool: €50 EUR Bracket/Signups: Liquipedia: Stream:
eggwp NA Weekly Series #14 Date: Sunday, December 5, 2021 Start Time: 3:00pm ET / 12:00pm PT Region: North America Game Type: Duel Prize Pool: $50 Bracket/Signups: Liquipedia: Stream:
That's all for now! If you're hosting an event that isn't listed here, feel free to DM me here on Reddit, or on Twitter, or join the official Diabotical Esports Discord and share your event in there! And you can always view a list of ALL the upcoming Diabotical tournaments over on Liquipedia.
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2021.12.02 09:49 Monarchist_Weeb1917 What happens if you fail DDD

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2021.12.02 09:49 Virtual-Advantage767 Thorn by N K

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2021.12.02 09:49 Maxygamerpt Exit code 0 for no apparent reason

hello. Yesterday I was playing minecraft 1.18, I was very excited cus its a new version, I played for awhile and nothing ws wrong, then I went to go eat aand left minecraft open. When I came back, I started getting exit code 0 for no apparent reason. randomly like that! My computer is the same as it was before the crashes, I have not installed any programs nor do I have an outdated version of java that is not compatible, cus it was working before fine, and there are no updates. can anyone help me? here's some screenshots and the log:

thank you in advance.
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2021.12.02 09:49 No-Watercress-9116 Glad it found me in the end

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2021.12.02 09:49 Solspoc "The Automaton"

a flicker, swirling, streaking, small yet burning ever brighter. Then, a slow, metallic grinding and creaking of gears and ancient mechanisms, waking from millenia of disuse. And finally, the slow, steady rumble of archaic furnaces and forgotten engines, lost to time and yet returned from the grave to toil once more. They blaze with the heat of the coal within, and the power of three thousand years.
And then, awakening.
The automaton wakes, its mechanical eyes seeing once more, and for the first time in millenia, it thinks. At least, it tries to think, tries to break past its mental capacity and formulate coherent thoughts and ideas, to make an identity and recognize its existence, all in the span of nanoseconds. And it succeeds. It forms its first word in its mind, combining data and knowledge and sensory input from its outdated, ancient brain.
And it stands. Drawing on the strength from its blazing furnaces and rumbling gears, it slowly pushes itself off the ground, creaking with rust, pushing away the large rock covering it. It is covered in dirt and grime, but it does not yet know what to think of it. It hefts its rusted, bulky frame into the air, and it takes its first step.
It does not succeed in this endeavour, shakily wobbling and crashing to the ground. It lay there for several moments, in the mud, doing its absolute best to question the merit of walking. But it is determined. It pulls itself up, and takes another step, landing heavily but managing to keep its balance. It stands in the position for a bit, one foot forward, overwhelmed with what it has just accomplished. It’s primitive legs creak as it takes another shaky step forward, and then another, beginning to understand the basics of bipedal movement.
And so it walks, heavily and flat-footed, but walking nonetheless. And as it walks, it observes its surroundings. It observes the lush green trees and bushes, the beautiful scenery and burbling stream. A small, yellow bird lands on its broad shoulder, chirping inquisitively. This sight and sensation makes it happy, happy as it understands happiness, and so it embraces it.
And it plods on through the forest, its new friend perched on its shoulder, experiencing the joys of nature. It dips its hand in a small stream, and it instinctively knows that it is cold and wet. It withdraws its hand, and registers its first ever emotion of curiosity. Its curiosity is savage, burning,a desire to know all that it can. Scooping up a handful of dirt, it brings it to its face, staring at it and analyzing it best it can. A small bug creeps its way out of the dirt, round and scuttling, and the automaton picks it out of the soil. The beetle squished between its fingers under their immense power, and the automaton steps back, formulating its first emotion of shock, and then remorse. It sets the pile of dirt back into its hole, and observes the beetles remains. The small bird on its shoulder chirps, and hops forward, along his broad rusted arm. It begins to consume the remains, looking happily at the automaton. And it is then that it learns its first fundamental law of nature: Life consumes life.
Its curiosity, however, is not abated. If anything, it searches with an even hungrier desire, to see all that it can. And so it begins its great pilgrimage, across the world to know all that it can. It treks on, traversing imposing, jagged peaks wreathed in clouds. It treks through the destitute, crumbling cities of a mankind long dead, observing the remnants of human culture. It plods across vast, sprawling plains, both sprawling with life and scattered with the craters of wars past. It trudges through the swamps of the earth, saunters through the deserts of the beating sun, marches through the steaming jungles of lush green plant life.
But as the years, decades, centuries pass, it begins to realize that it must soon come to an end. It feels its body slowly but surely breaking down, even under the best attempts to revitalize him. It’s ancient metal joints creak and wear under the strain of moving, never designed nor meant to last a millenium. Its brass hull is now more corrosion than metal, a weary husk once a glorious shell. Its great, mighty hands are scratched and dented with age, its once thunderous feet worn and aged with the strain of centuries of walking.
It has seen much, the verdant, lush overgrowth of the great forests, the decimated, derelict battlefields housing the rusted corpses of many of its kind, the birth and death of life. It has experienced all that it can, living amongst feral creatures, wading across lakes of crystal water, witnessing the eruption of towering volcanoes. And at last, it is content with its life, with its knowledge, and it decides that now, now it may rest.
It looks up at its final hurdle, the final, imposing mountain range it has not yet climbed. It knows that at the top, it will find peace, a place to lay its broken form down and finally end it all. So, setting one creaking, weary foot forward, it marches onwards.
It scales the mountain slowly, deliberately, purposefully. It finds itself slowing its pace, and it becomes aware of the inevitably of what it is doing.
It contemplates its choice as it ascends, its choice to finish its life and journey. It yearns for the sweet, final release of death and yet it fears its nonexistence, the state of nonbeing.
It clears this thought from its mind as it pushes on, up and over the many peaks of this mountain range. To entertain itself, it forms two personalities, of which it names Cog and Bolt. The two decidedly male and female personalities argue and laugh, bicker and talk as the days turn into weeks of walking and climbing. Eventually, in the harsh sweeping snowstorms, they fall in love, sharing the body of the automaton as they watch the bright, starry nights go by together.
It has always been a common fantasy of the automaton, love. A complex reaction of chemicals and stimuli it can never experience, a biological instinct that it lacks. It wants to love, to be loved, more even than its desire to explore. It wants to share its stories and experiences, to journey not alone but with a deepest ally at its side. It no longer wants to be alone.
But it is too late now, he knows. As he crests the final peak of the famed Everest, the sky is a brilliant orange, high above the wreath of icy clouds below. Against the brilliant glow of the sunset, the automaton sets itself down against a cliff edge, its joints nearly too stiff to move, its rusted carapace creaking and groaning. Cog and Bolt share the view of the sun with it, sharing their whispered awe.
The automaton thinks, as its bones slowly ice over. Remembers the one true companion he had, his faithful sidekick who stuck with him for over a year. Remembers the small nest it had built in the nook between its neck and shoulder, the tiny eggs that had hatched new life into the earth, all next to its head. That small, little bird, who had shared so many stunning, awe-inspiring vistas with it.
She would enjoy this view now too.
It took up a small rock and, with uncharacteristic precision, carved a crude bird out of it.
It set it on its shoulder as the sun began to dip over the horizon, casting the world in a radiant light, and finally felt peace.
It shut down its furnaces, let its joints fall limp, and as the dark overtook it, it spoke one final word, of contentment and peace.
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