Graduate Psychology Program

2022.01.21 04:14 Okasian101 Graduate Psychology Program

Im interested in studying in Japan through a Psychology major for my masters. I do intend to learn Japanese, as of now I am at a low beginner level. Im looking for an all english program or at least supplementary Japanese and mainly English programs. Ive done extensive research for universities and it seems like they only offer this major in Japanese. I would really appreciate some recommendations of universities with an english program. My hope is after I graduate I would try to work in Japan through this major, through research it seems highly difficult to find a job through psychology as you need to get a license and practice in Japanese. Any input here would be appreciated.
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2022.01.21 04:14 K-Bru Should i move to benediction?

Have a couple 70s, a few 60+, a couple 30+ and a 19 im interested in switching. I'm alliance. Already moved from a completely dead server to a dying server and am only willing to do it one more time. Is benediction my best bet? Don't care about wpvp and just want to be able to run dungeons, lvl alts and maybe raid, not even really to concerned about raiding with my unpredictable work schedule.
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2022.01.21 04:14 jabrxnii Did I go through SA or sexual abuse? Or am I overthinking it?

Warning: Long-ish
I’m not even sure I fully remember everything. Sometimes bits and pieces start to connect and I go “oh well that isn’t normal”. When I was 17 I met this guy on tinder. He was a typical f-boy, full of ego and loved to lead people on. He picked me up for my first date and parked on a mountain top overlooking the city. I could sense some kind of tension but because I was inexperienced I didn’t really know what the tension was. He kissed me out of nowhere, completely unprovoked and I just… went with it. I did want to kiss, but definitely not on the first date and not without him asking first. So I just went with it like yeah whatever I guess this is happening now. We made out and eventually the date ended and he dropped me off at home.
The second date wasn’t really a date but more of a hang out and it was at his house. We both knew we planned on having sex that night but I wanted to use protection. After making out and all that before sex stuff, I pull out the condom and he starts protesting. “It doesn’t feel as good” “I hate condoms” “They feel uncomfortable”. I tell him condom or no sex and he decides on the former. About 2 minutes in he begins complaining about the feel again and pleads with me to do it without the condom. I say fine and we keep going. I didn’t want to say fine, I was freaking out. Keep in mind this is my very first time, but he didn’t know that so it’s my fault for not being honest.
Ever since then, up until I was a month away from turning 19, he would hook up with me and promise that we were friends and it was a FWB thing (he would never talk to me inbetween hook ups and charm me right before asking to hook up again). I would always say yes because I wanted a friend, not because I wanted sex. Every time we did it I would dissociate. It never felt real. I would fake it every time. Every other time I would be very swollen down there, so it was obvious I wasn’t turned on. I feel like I can’t fault him on that though since I kept agreeing to meet up and would fake it. I even bled once. He would always want two or more rounds. Every time I would feel used, but I kept doing it.
I’m pretty sure I’m missing details since it makes me nauseous and shaky to remember what I just wrote, but that’s the gist of it. I feel like I’m just being dramatic and what happened wasn’t truly SA… I don’t know. Can anyone give their thoughts please?
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2022.01.21 04:14 moonzstars How would it be possible to create a separate culture within American culture with all the culture influences of today?

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2022.01.21 04:14 leftok Bitcoin Slides as Fed Studies Issuing a Cryptocurrency

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2022.01.21 04:14 totallynotnex Recommendations for quiet stim toys

I need stim toys that are quit because I'm still in school (highschool) and while the teachers are okay with me having stim toys I do need them to be quite so I'm not interrupting the class.
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2022.01.21 04:14 pragmaticsunsets Finding anyone who can draw a marine vessel in 3 different section

does not have to be grand or professional, as long as it's clean.
hopefully can finish this evening. paying 400 php for this.
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2022.01.21 04:14 leftok Congress weights cleaning up cryptocurrency mining in the US

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2022.01.21 04:14 Responsible_Ad_6541 Met Win near the French Quarter Today

Hey guys, so today I was having brunch at the IHOP by the French Quarter and I see a guy who looked a lot like Win walk in wearing sunglasses with his son.
I was a bit shocked as I knew it had to be him so I thought this would be my one opportunity to tell him how much his music meant to me so I decided to go up.
I went up to him and could see he was actually wearing the black Everything Now jacket I assume from the last tour and it was definitely Win, so I went and asked him “Excuse me, is your name Win?”, he tried to ignore me and pretend he didn’t hear but when I got closer I asked him again and he responded "My name? Oh— Lemme tell you my name. Uh... I’m confused. Because, uh, you know, like, we’re supposed to believe in the ministry, right? So is the— i— is the church and state supposed to be separate? I’m confused ‘cuz I never went to school. Right? Does a confused person get a resolution? I don’t understand. You see, when you go like that, (holds fingers in a “cross” formation) right, you have a cross, two sticks, right? And that’s how I felt when I was in Waterloo. ‘Cuz when I walked in Waterloo and smiled at people, they treated me like a vampire. They used the cross and they went like “this” (cross gesture) by not smiling at me. In Toronto— Hey, hi guys, you know me: Win Butler? “Easygoing?” Those who know me: I’m a nobody, y’understand? And you can’t kill a person with no body! So, why am I afraid? I’m not afraid! I’m afraid of the Boogeyman! Who’s the Boogeyman? You figure it out! I’m gettin’ outta here! I’m going back to Waterloo where the vampires hang out, and I’m gonna wear my sunglasses at night, ya know why? Because women show their tits, have short skirts, and then they feel violated when I look at them! Why? ‘Cuz I have sunglasses on and I’m weird.
Uhh... I’m from Humberside? I’m sorry if, uh, I made a fool of Humberside, but... All those people who called me a sleepwalker? I woke up!! Now I’m going back to sleep ‘cuz I’m gonna be committed in an isolation room, because I’m gonna go back to the ministry and allow them to perceive me as I am: a FUCK-UP!!! GOODBYE!
Hey Toronto the Good, look at— look at this square. It was a shithole when I worked here, now it looks like New York, Manhattan! Where are the bums? There’s no bums here. Toronto doesn’t have bums! But Waterloo, they’re creating bums, they created ME! Why?! I don’t know! Maybe it’s the church. Talk to the Pope, he knows everything. I’ve had it! I’m gonna die! How can you die when you’re DEAD! Oh wait a second, I’m gonna be crucified, right?
(Rips open shirt.)
sigh I’m not gonna raise my voice. ‘Cuz I’m committed to the Lord. I love you."
I told him I can’t wait for Everything Now II and left, crying.
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2022.01.21 04:14 Czak262 First pickup in 10+ years. Can’t wait to play Majora’s Mask! Picked up the rest from my parents garage today.

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2022.01.21 04:14 leftok Rochelle News-Leader | Bitcoin: Money in the ether

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2022.01.21 04:14 salsarosada The microaggression nobody seems to care about anemore.

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2022.01.21 04:14 GuthixIsBalance Novel Split Screen Virus in Culture

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2022.01.21 04:14 No_Situation_9406 M22 Examination update
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2022.01.21 04:14 ElectricOne55 2nd bachelors in Computer Science vs Masters in MIS vs Masters in Data Science

Trying to choose between these 3 degrees. I have been working in IT for a year and a half now. Have 3 Comptia certs, 2 Microsoft certs, and a linux cert. My previous degree was healthcare related.
I've often heard that Computer Science is the golden standard, but I'm worried about the math. Other people say that doing 2 bachelors wouldn't really help, and I' so I'm not sure what to do.
Another option I looked up is MIS, I like it because it's the most broad, but idk how a management IT masters degree would look, considering I've only been in the field around a year and a half. Lastly, I thought of a masters in data analytics just cause I'm interested in it, but that degree seems a lot more niche compared to CS or IT. CS seems like it would give me the most career options, but I'm wondering if I should do one of the other masters programs instead.
Here are links to the programs:
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2022.01.21 04:14 leftok Intel’s Bitcoin-Mining “Bonanza Mine” Chip Bags Its First Big Customer

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2022.01.21 04:14 ThatsFeffedUp If only Harcourt listened to the pod…

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2022.01.21 04:14 leftok 21 January 2022 Betting Tips

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2022.01.21 04:14 luzaoX Bread nerds, HAAALP!!! I need to know how to ace the crunch of this experiment!

I have some Lachuch bread that we make at the place work and, some days we sell out, other we end up throwing soooo much.
Because we also sell some Israeli salads we thought to make some some sort of chips. So far we've seasoned the bread and added some oil; when we bake it, it is possible to get that perfect chip, but it doesn't keep, it quickly becomes leathery, or toooooooooo hard to chew. like, here I am risking my teeth... they are SO HARD BUT I LOVE THEEEEEEEEEEM!!!! How can we work around this?
I've kept them in glass jars/outside/in paper bags/ in tupperwares/ in the holding cabinets....
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2022.01.21 04:14 kautica0 Reinstalled Monterey on the Data volume

I reinstalled Monterey on “Macintosh HD - Data” volume instead do “Macintosh HD”. Didn’t realize I was supposed to reinstall onto the other volume. Will there be issues? Can I reverse this?
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2022.01.21 04:14 freaknotthink Just Pre-ordered This!!!

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2022.01.21 04:14 ElectricalLongboard I think I gave my cat covid :(

My partner and I just got out of quarantine after having covid for 2 weeks. A few days ago, we noticed one of our cats had an irritated eye so we took her to the vet today and it turns out she's having glaucoma. The pressure in her eyes are almost 2 times what they should be. The docs are calling a specialist now because they don't know what to do :( I just looked it up as well and cat covid can cause glaucoma.
I feel so sad and guilty. Everyone pls send over your papa blesses and h3 memes to cheer me up :( :(
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2022.01.21 04:14 EnglishLookingFries Harry Potter is a high school dropout

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2022.01.21 04:14 WaffleBot626 Days Gone Challenge Mode Saves

Anyone find any good Days Goe saves with Challenge Mode 100% complete for PS4 US region?
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