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Cult-like behavior

2022.01.21 06:01 Borsewastaken Cult-like behavior

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2022.01.21 06:01 cosmicleafrecords Germind - My Space [FULL ALBUM] Psychill, Downtempo, Electronica

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2022.01.21 06:01 haromatsu BAND-MAID / カタルシス "Catharsis" Acoustic Ver. (Official Live Video) available on youtube for limited time

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2022.01.21 06:01 raydenbrough Books similar to Okja 2017 the movie?

Books similar to Okja 2017 the movie?
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2022.01.21 06:01 ms_fleur Need Advice -- Being passed up for promotion

I work in the medical field within research. I've been in the same job for 2 1/2 years. I was the de facto manager of the team and the only one full-time (until recently) with a doctor, we'll call Frank, being the head of the team. My colleague, who we'll call Sally, I replaced when I came on as she was going off to another master's program was half-time and just finished his 2nd master's degree. Her first master's degree was not related to our work whatsoever while her 2nd new one was. I have 1 master's degree related to our field. Other than that we have similar nearly equivalent experience. Sally stayed half-time after graduating 1 year ago because she took another job at another clinic half-time doing different non-research work.
Here's where things get sketchy. About 6 months ago, Sally applied for another job in our department at the same time I asked for a promotion. She used this for leverage to ask for a raise. We both received a promotion.
Frank gave Sally the manager title of our research lab and gave about 25% of my duties to Sally. Frank's explanation was that I do more than my fair share (I do and don't get recognized for it) and Sally agreed to stay for at least 2 more years and I could be leaving in 1 year to get my PhD. Frank finished up by saying well, at least I got a promotion (12% raise). When we received our promotions, Frank also told me that Sally actually had one pay grade higher than me and I was hired in at a lower pay grade by mistake, so in order to give us both promotions, I'd get the title I was meant to have 2 years ago, but I'd still get a raise, and she'd have to be given a manager title as it was the next level up for her. I was only told this after it happened. I accepted that.
Fast forward to 6 months later, our salaries are public and I see Sally not only got a 21% raise (albeit at a half-time salary, so it's a wash from what I got monetarily to what Sally got) but I go to our weekly meeting and find out that Sally has quit out of basically nowhere and gave 4 weeks notice, which was good of Sally, but still a shock. Frank seems burned and rightly so, as Sally agreed to stay at least 2 more years in exchange for the promotion and meeting the salary of the competing job in the department she interviewed for and was offered.
Enter me, feeling like I'm a shoo-in for the manager job once it gets posted. I've gotten great performance appraisals, positive feedback from Frank. I was manager in everything but name and pay for over 2 years, ran meetings, kept minutes, ran the lab etc. I find out Frank has already started the process of posting the manager job but this time as a full-time posting, instead of Sally's half-time job. and is radio silence with me about it.
I figure he knows if I get into a PhD program, I'll only be around for 9 more months, 2 years if I don't. Still, he posts the job for a 2 year term, not a permanent job, which is how he posted my promotion (did not do this when he posted for Sally's mind you). The job requirements look tailored to my experience which will make it difficult for him to explain to HR if he chooses someone else.
Fast forward to now, the job has been posted for 2 weeks, expired yesterday, only 3 applicants, one is me, and he requests the job to be listed again for another 2 weeks in a meeting with me in it. He also finally acknowledges via email that I've applied (I emailed to let him know and also when I'll hear from PhD programs in early Feb) but the response is neutral at best and that he wants someone for "at least 2 years due to the turnover." The only turnover we've had is Sally.
The thing is, this job would be a 20% raise at least and if he hires someone else, I will feel honestly betrayed and like working there will be untenable. In addition, I'll have to train the new manager. If I were to leave, he'll have only one full-time entry-level staff which I've been supervising and only started a few months ago. He'd be screwed if I left now.
What should I do? I don't want to stoop to ultimatums, but should I start looking for something else now in anticipation? Unfortunately, I can't afford to go scorched earth and don't know what to do.
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2022.01.21 06:01 dragoonxy OMG this seed

Came across a nice seed (1523112850) with glass cannon in first HM and wand edit in second HM. And then found this gem in hissi base (go right from entrance to HM). Third wand with always cast mana to damage was in snowy depths somewhere in the middle of the biome. Have fun!
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2022.01.21 06:01 chairbornebg Почина легендарният певец Мийт Лоуф (Видео)

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2022.01.21 06:01 TomIzHere Should I add Eternatus VMAX to my Slowking VMAX deck?

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2022.01.21 06:01 artisnotdefined Unless she on demon mode

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2022.01.21 06:01 Happy_Singh87 CoinDogs - Breed and Race Dogs Game

A good project collecting investment is developing and moving confidently towards the goals set. This means that the team is on its way to achieve the goal and will succeed. #coindogs_news #coindogs_tokensale #coindogs_gen0 #coindogs_nft #coindogs_nftsale #coindogs_genesis
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2022.01.21 06:01 TurkodoingBigSleez Having fun with the homie back at base

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2022.01.21 06:01 ContentForager2 Seems accurate enough I think (/r/EDM)

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2022.01.21 06:01 ohwowwhatfun two me's

I saw myself in my own dream. I was laughing. Me and the me I saw made eye contact and we were looking at each other for a long time. The other me was just laughing and smiling back at me but I myself was very confused. But the me I saw was me from at least 7 years ago- I had long hair and I was wearing something I don't fit into anymore.
Does this mean something?
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2022.01.21 06:01 byakuren-bot 【大学入学共通テスト2022】得点調整なし…平均点の中間集計 - リセマム

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2022.01.21 06:01 Known-Share5483 How To Set Up Your Spiritual Altar

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2022.01.21 06:01 Hypx SoCalGas Among First Utilities in the Nation to Transition Its Over-the-Road Fleet With Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

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2022.01.21 06:01 ShopShipShake How to sell purses and handbags online

Hi, every consultant. Thank you for reading.
This blog introduce how to sell purses and handbags online.
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2022.01.21 06:01 thatmetalboi My childhood best score. Prolly gonna replay it to get a bit of a better score. Hopefully I can get past 1000 this time. I'm pretty rusty tho. I played assault a hell of a lot more than 64 tbh

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2022.01.21 06:01 miscakarza Picking a Side

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2022.01.21 06:01 rainbowappleslice Fredruleick

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2022.01.21 06:01 Smxx777 Pic from the earliest known Chili Peppers photosession, April 1983

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2022.01.21 06:01 Both_Breadfruit_1063 Mixed Emotions Custom Rug

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2022.01.21 06:01 davemcl37 Where do you buy your nozzles from

Hi there, my sons printer has been out of action since we fitted a bltouch and everything imaginable has gone wrong since. Latest problem is that he’s worn down his nozzles and we can no longer reattach either the original worn down nozzles or the replacements I bought from Amazon.so qu 1 where is the best place to buy genuine reliable replacement nozzles.
The nozzles will go about half way in before it starts feeling like you are retreading the socket at which point we’ve stopped. His initial attempts were when the printer was cold but when I got involved I tried it when heated up but still hit the same problem. Qu2 does it sound like I need a new extruder or should I just be firm when attaching a nozzle?
Qu 3. I think we need to go back to the start with the bl touch and physically remove it and reinstall. Anyone have a reliable guide that worked for them.
Sorry for the lengthy needy email but having got him into this I can see how disappointed he is at being unable to use it since Christmas effectively. Any guidance would be really appreciated. Thanks.
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2022.01.21 06:01 Vineetharul Watch "Dawn Of Zombies Survival (Burned Restaurant) (My Way of Play)" on YouTube

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2022.01.21 06:01 Incarnate_Phoenix Commonality between Gruul Clans and House Dimir.

What common values, virtues, goals, or methodologies might be shared between the Gruul Clans and House Dimir?
My game has a character who is a Gruul Druid who is also a member of House Dimir. But they aren't seeking to undermine their Gruul Clan, they joined House Dimir because they like the idea of having access to more information, and connections to the spy network, as well as the idea of double identity. They are trying to balance both both the Gruul and Dimir aspects of their character. I want to help them explore that.
I know that House Dimir and the Gruul Clans have very little in common. Dimir is Black/Blue and Gruul is Green/Red. There is plenty they have different. But I was wondering if anyone has ideas of traits they might share in common?
I want to set up a storyline for them with a theme of [something that both guilds view negatively] leads to [undesirable consequence] but [something regarded positively by both guilds] leads to [desirable consequence].
Each "something" in brackets above could be a trait, behavior, methodology or goal.
But I need some ideas for different "things, concepts, traits, behaviors, or methodologies that both guilds view negatively" and some ideas for different "things, concepts, traits, behaviors, or methodologies that both guilds view negatively"
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