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after rebooting my server disk6 got disabled. i checked the smart log but no errors..
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2022.01.21 05:40 K_S_Morgan Overview of the ‘Official’ BDI Theories/Beliefs: 1998-2016

To clarify in advance, by ‘official’ I mean theories presented by people who had access to investigation, witnesses, and/or insiders, and who shared their opinions publicly. I won’t be mentioning or speculating about individuals who simply considered BDI, such as Hunter — this post will center specifically on the combined chain of events constructed by various people at various stages of JonBenet’s murder investigation. The point is not to assess but to simply present them.
Eleanor Von Duyke’s Book “A Little Girl's Dream?”: 1998
Warning: there are some graphic specifics here that might seem particularly disturbing.
There were 14 people involved in writing/contributing to this book. These included a child abuse counselor, former chief of police, investigator from special crimes unit, a pathologist (Wecht), NY attorney (Hoffman), a handwriting expert consulted on the case (Liebman), and others. Eleanor Von Duyke herself was a director of beauty pageants for ShowBiz USA for 23+ years and had a brief contact with Patsy shortly before JonBenet’s murder. She had multiple extended interviews with people who knew Patsy and JonBenet through the pageants. She was sexually, physically, and emotionally abused by her family members, and due to this + pageants, she felt personal investment in this case.
According to the theory the author and her team developed, Burke was the one to molest JonBenet previously. There was a “very reliable source [that reported] an episode of unusual behavior from one of the younger family members … Based on the information … from child abuse experts … the child that I am referring to might very well have an emotional problem conducive to that of being a sibling sexual abuser.” Patsy knew about Burke abusing JonBenet, but she kept quiet because she was ashamed and hoped to solve the problem in another way. An informant Donna Newlin reported that she spent a week with Patsy before the murder and Patsy kept talking about everything and everyone. However, “within the time frame of a full week, [she] never mentioned her son, Burke.” The author believes that it proves the idea of Patsy feeling embarrassed and upset with him. She further states that Burke was likely feeling jealous of the attention his sister was getting because sibling rivalry is natural in every family, and it was a fact that JonBenet got more attention. Von Duyke hypothesizes that Patsy threatened Burke for his behavior, warning that she would tell John about it if he did something like this again.
On the night of her murder, Burke sexually assaulted JonBenet again. He violated her in a penetrative way, which explains the presence of semifluid yet the lack of seminal fluid: due to his age, he couldn’t produce sperm. Being a child, he could penetrate someone in a way that would seem digital to experts later — there was substantial damage, but not enough to have been caused by adult penetration. JonBenet began to resist at some point and grew angry. She stood up and began to walk away from Burke, threatening that she would tell her parents. He got terrified, grabbed the flashlight and smashed it against JonBenet’s head. When she collapsed, he hesitated, but ultimately decided that he couldn’t let her tell the truth. He was the one to put tape on her mouth as a precaution. He dragged JonBenet to John Andrew’s room first; then he moved her to the basement. He strangled her there. The minor injuries on JonBenet’s body, such as abrasions, along with their location, indicate that a smaller, light person held her down as they strangled her. If this had been an adult, the marks would have been much more vivid and there would be bone fracture in the area of her neck/possibly others. The abrasions to the lower back seem caused by a knee pressure.
At some point, Patsy heard something and came to investigate. She screamed upon finding Burke with JonBenet’s body, which alerted John. They both felt guilty and decided to save Burke from repercussions and stigma because they felt they neglected him by letting everything get this far. Patsy chose herself as the likeliest candidate who would take the blame in case the police saw through their staging. The body was wiped to remove any possible traces of Burke from it; John was the mastermind behind the plan and asked Patsy to write a ransom note. Both parents tried to believe their own IDI narrative. They sent Burke away in the morning to make certain he wouldn’t expose himself to the police officers.
Tabloids: 1998-1999
The interesting thing about tabloids is that they kept publishing their articles when the case was still hot, and they mention a lot of information that few people know or discuss. Seeing rumors/facts from that period can be insightful. I won’t be citing each separate tabloid, I’ll construct one BDI & Burke Knows Something version based on multiple articles by multiple newspapers. Consulted materials include this, this, this, this, this, this, this,and this article.
When Burke Ramsey blurted out that he knows what happened during the interview with Dr. Suzanne Bernhard, he mentioned the following: "[JonBenet] was killed. Someone took her quietly and took her down in the basement...took a knife out...hit her on the head." The police were stunned and intrigued by the mention of a knife at such an early stage of the investigation. In the basement where JonBenét was found, they indeed located a Swiss Army knife, which John Ramsey had bought as a present for Burke. However, John didn't mention seeing the knife when he found JonBenét's body. It was publicly reported only nine months later, when the police search warrants were released.
This led to a potentially critical discovery: the duct tape used to gag JonBenet was cut by a red Swiss Army knife belonging to Burke. The investigators have discovered that this knife had gummy residue on the blade, which they believe came from the adhesive tape. John and Patsy Ramsey obstructed the investigation by saying that their son never owned such a knife — they claimed it is proof of an intruder. Since the crime, both Ramseys fought to keep Burke out of the investigation spotlight, but their hopes were dashed when it was revealed that his voice is heard in the background of 911 call, even though John and Patsy claimed he was in bed.
The enhanced 911 tape and John's angry words to Burke, “We are not speaking to you!" surprised psychologist Dr. Lois Miller. Hoffman believes Burke's words on the tape clearly show he hadn't just wandered into the room:

He's not asking: 'What's going on here?’ So there had to be some preceding conversation. What he saw and heard before he was heard on tape, and what he was told afterward are obviously things his parents didn't have him tell police.
More than that, Burke is connected to the last meal of JonBenet: his fingerprints were found both on the bowl with pineapple and the glass, and it is believed that she was attacked shortly after consuming pineapple. The nature of sexual abuse and the fact that an insider shared how they caught Burke and JonBenet playing doctor together point at Burke further. Burke hit JonBenet with a golf club in her face 18 months before the murder. The Ramseys claim it was an accident but JonBenet was hurt badly enough to go to the emergency room. There is also the fact that immediately after John’s attorney friend Mike Bynum told him to get legal counsel, John took Burke into a room for a private conversation. Also, according to Fleet White, as he took Burke to his house on the morning of the 26th, Burke never wondered what is happening, why his family is not going on their planned trip, and he never asked a single question about JonBenét or why the house was full of officers. This was deemed suspicious.
A friend of Patsy reported that she admitted that a flashlight the police seized as a possible murder weapon was one Burke kept by his bed: "She made Burke keep the flashlight by his bed in case he had to go to the bathroom during the night." Child abuse investigator David McCall believes that Burke could have had an angry outburst and that he could have killed his sister. Therapist Dr. Lillian Glass agrees: based on the pictures Burke drew, she believes he has anger issues and might display deviant sexual behavior.
After reviewing videotapes of Burke as he was questioned about his sister's death, one source inside the investigation claimed that Burke’s behavior seemed odd and it was possible he was involved in the murder. The police decided to use the power of the grand jury to try to dig up evidence confirming their suspicion that Burke is the killer. But even if they managed to prove it, there's nothing the law can do about it. According to criminal attorney Craig Silverman: "If Burke is guilty in the death of his little sister, he can never be arrested or tried for the crime.”
As the Grand Jury approached, Patsy Ramsey attempted to make a plea deal with the prosecutors to save Burke. She agreed to plead guilty to manslaughter to quash efforts to link Burke to the crime. In particular, Patsy thought the police were trying to link the flashlight that Burke kept in his room to him, and she told her friend she'd make any deal to save him from emotional trauma. Insiders said that DA Alex Hunter and John Ramsey's lead attorney, Hal Haddon, were talking privately about a plea bargain, too. The negotiations involved what kind of treatment or counseling Burke might receive and the possible charges against either Patsy or John for helping to cover up the crime.
Prosecutor Levin confirmed the plea deal talks, though he believed Patsy was willing to cooperate in order to stop Burke from exposing secrets about his parents. A top criminal profiler said that Burke would likely be asked questions such as, “Was JonBenét a bad girl? Did she do something awful? Did she try to make your parents hate you?"
One of Burke's fourth grade teachers, Carol Piirto, was called to testify to grand jurors about her pupil and his demeanor in the days prior to the murder and after he returned to school following the funeral. This fact highlights that some detectives were never able to cross Burke off as a suspect. The jurors indeed focused on Burke, asking various witnesses questions about his relationship with his sister, including the following:
Did you ever see him hit her? Did Burke ever display any signs of jealousy toward his sister? Yell at or argue with her? What games does he like to play? What are his favorite foods?
They were "intensely interested" in Burke and Patsy in particular, these questions dominated their investigation. It is believed that Patsy wrote the note and staged the scene; John either helped her early on or became involved later, after the 911 was already placed. He did not directly participate in anything that led to JonBenet’s death.
Some detectives believed that JonBenet wet the bed and went to sleep in her brother’s room, like she often did. At some point, there was a "flashpoint" incident between JonBenét and Burke in which he lashed out at her in anger and mortally injured her. According to one source, the knots in the rope resemble "tightening knots" demonstrated in the Boy Scout handbook. Burke was a Cub Scout. He also didn’t get as much attention as JonBenet, which could trigger the feeling of jealousy. As a family friend said: “Nothing about the Ramsey family was geared to Burke. It was all JonBenét, JonBenét, JonBenét. There wasn't much time or energy left for Burke." Eleanor Von Duyke "interviewed scores of people in the pageant world -- and not one of them even knew that JonBenét had a brother."
Burke’s possible anger issues continued in the years after the murder. At his academy, he tossed his instrument to the floor with a thud and screamed that he hated the trombone and didn't want to play it anymore. As an insider says, “All the kids in the band got real quiet and some of them were frightened. Burke kept screaming and practice was canceled while teachers quieted him down." Burke switched to saxophone. On another occasion, Burke was in an amusement park when he got freaked out by a girl who looked like JonBenét. The source says: "He went white and turned away from her. He kept yelling he didn't want to go on a ride with HER!"
Dr. Wecht believes that John is the most logical suspect but admits,
I cannot rule out the possibility of Burke being responsible. There's nothing that happened to JonBenét that could not have been done by a boy this age.
One of Denver's top defense lawyers, Scott Robinson, agrees that the Burke theory "is a scenario that fits some of the facts." Texas child advocate Dwight Wallington, who wrote the book A Little Girl's Dream? with Von Duyke, said:
I think the scream [which was heard] at midnight on Christmas night was Patsy's, not JonBenét's. And I think when John Ramsey said he wanted mercy for his daughter's killer, he knew what he was saying. It could have been an accident. They were protecting their last child.
Patsy’s behavior was suspicious as well. During interrogation, she calmly stated that neither she nor John killed JonBenét. But when asked about Burke, she went ballistic and screamed, "You can't ask that!" For the only time in seven hours, she broke down in tears.
Later, she planned to have her son exorcised at an Atlanta church. Insiders claimed that Burke was having flashbacks about the night his sister was killed, and his mother stated that those memories were evil and false thoughts that "Satan" put in his head. Insider:
Patsy's scared that Burke knows exactly what happened that terrible night. She fears that someday soon he'll tell the truth … She says the minister will bring Burke and her into a private part of the church. They will fall to their knees in devout prayer and the minister will place his crossed palms on Burke's head and, in a loud voice, intone: "In the name of God Almighty, I command you to get thee out of this child's body, Satan. Leave now and never return."
The police thought Patsy could be trying to brain-wash Burke into believing the devil can plant false thoughts in his mind. She’s worried that some day, if Burke has to take the witness stand, his testimony could clash with hers.
Lead Investigator James Kolar: 2005+
In June 2005, James Kolar was offered a position of lead investigator in the JonBenet’s case. He agreed and started by reviewing all evidence and considering different theories, from IDI to PDI. In the end, he settled on what is known as BDIA (Burke Did It All), meaning that Burke hit JonBenet in the head, assaulted her with a paintbrush, and strangled her. Here is the approximate journey of evidence that led Kolar to this conclusion (in no particular order).
1) On the table in the breakfast room, investigators found a bowl with unfinished pineapple and milk as well as an empty glass with a tea bag. During the autopsy, the pineapple was also found in JonBenet’s stomach. The bowl itself “bore the fingerprints of Patsy and Burke.” In turn, “latent fingerprints on the drinking glass on the dining room table … belonged to Burke” (Kolar). It is believed that JonBenet ate it shortly before the attack.
2) The Ramseys’ previous housekeeper, Geraldine Vodicka, reported that Burke smeared feces on a bathroom wall 3 years before the murder. Kolar about the crime scene:
CSIs had written about finding a pair of pajama bottoms in JonBenet’s bedroom that contained fecal material. They were too big for her and were thought to belong to Burke. Additionally, a box of candy located in her bedroom had also been observed to be smeared with feces.
Kolar’s hypothesis is that since Burke had one reported incident of smearing, he could be the one to smear JonBenet’s candy box. He could use pajama bottoms to do that. This would speak of his negative feelings to JonBenet on that specific night.
3) Abrasions on JonBenet’s body never matched anything. Kolar compared them to the train tracks lying in the Train Room and found a perfect match:
The pins on the outside rails of that piece of “O” type train track matched up exactly to the twin abrasions on the back of JonBenét. This was a toy readily accessible in the home and located only feet from where her body had been found. Crime scene photos / video had captured images of loose train track on the floor of Burke’s bedroom as well.
4) Burke is the only person the family who is known for having hit JonBenet in the head before. It happened several days before JonBenet’s birthday in 1994. Burke hit her in the face with a golf club, got her in eye, and Patsy had to take her to emergency room. Kolar mused about the dates (the blow to the face shortly before birthday + the blow to the head on Christmas):
One can only wonder whether sibling jealousy or envy may have played any part in that instance, and whether these feelings spilled over into the events of the Christmas holidays in 1996.
5) Kolar found Burke’s behavior during and outside the interviews concerning. He was smiling for the camera and demonstrated indifference toward JonBenet when asked about her murder. Also, Kolar:
A red flag fluttered when I noted that Burke concluded the interview, not with a question about the welfare of his missing sister, but with a comment about his excitement about going to Charlevoix. The anticipation of being able to build a fire at the family’s second home apparently held some appeal to him … How could Burke not be inquiring about the status or welfare of his missing sister? Was it conceivable that he was already aware of her fate?
Anthony [Burke’s friend] told investigators that he never saw Burke cry during their stay in Atlanta. Kaempfer advised that the only time she had seen him display some emotion and sadness was at the cemetery after the graveside services. He had left a group of people and went to the side of JonBenet’s casket, patting it gently. After that brief display of caring, Burke and Anthony went exploring, skipping through the headstones in the cemetery.
Stine appeared to Kaempfer to have been disturbed by the conversation and had listened to Burke and Doug talk about how JonBenet had been strangled. Based upon Kaempfer’s statement, it appeared that Stine had over overheard the boys discussing whether or not manual strangulation had been involved in JonBenet’s death. Stine described the conversation as being “very impersonal,” and it struck her that the discussion about the details of JonBenét’s death was like the boys were “talking about a TV show.” This discourse between Burke and Doug had taken place no more than two days following JonBenét’s murder and apparently had such an impact upon Stine that she brought it up in conversation with Mary Kaempfer at the first opportunity … Why would Burke tell Dr. Bernhard that he knew what had happened to JonBenet and not mention her strangulation? He clearly was aware that strangulation had been involved due to the conversations he was overheard having with Doug Stine not more than two days after the murder of his sister.
I was taken aback at another comment offered during the playing of a board game. The nature of the game involved guessing the features of faces hidden on the opponent’s side of the game board. Burke had mistakenly flipped down a face on his side of the board and then returned it to an upright position, commenting: “Oops, you’re not dead yet.” This off-hand comment seemed extremely callous and suggested little care or concern for the circumstances at hand. I would later think that this comment might have its source in the events surrounding the death of JonBenet.
6) Due to potential feces smearing and the nature of chronic sexual abuse of JonBenet, Kolar believed that Burke might suffer from sexual behavior problems (SBP). Kolar:
I had also found it interesting that the Paughs had reportedly purchased several books on childhood behavior for the Ramsey family. The titles of the books were intriguing: The Hurried Child – Growing Up Too Fast, by David Elkind; Children at Risk, Dobson / Bruer; Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right From Wrong, Kilpatrick.
These books aren’t focused on problematic children in particular, but they are all behavior books, and all three address the issue of early development of sexuality and crossing boundaries that children often don't recognize as wrong (among other things). Kolar thought the fact that Nedra chose to gift books about parenting to the Ramseys could be telling. He did research into children who sexually abused and/or killed other children, and he claims that if a child gets professional help, the risk of them reoffending becomes insignificant. Burke “was still being treated professionally nearly a year and a half after the event.”
7) The lies around Burke. Kolar considers the fact that Burke’s voice is present on 911 tape yet his parents claimed he was asleep the whole time. He scoffs at the idea of Patsy tying Burke’s shoes for him — she said this in one of the interviews, which could be an implication that Burke wouldn’t be able to tie the knots. Also:
There had been another discrepancy in one of Patsy Ramsey’s law enforcement interviews that caught my attention. Investigators had noted that the wrapping paper on a pair of Christmas presents observed in the Wine Cellar at the time of the discovery of JonBenet’s body had been torn. She told the detectives that she couldn’t remember what was contained in the presents, and hence the need to tear back part of the paper. I learned, over the course of my inquiry, that it was Burke who had actually been responsible for tearing back the paper of the presents while playing in the basement on Christmas Day, and I wondered why Patsy would claim responsibility for doing this.
These are some of the facts that Kolar based his opinion on. Overall, his theory includes the following scenario: Burke was responsible for the chronic sexual abuse of JonBenet. On the night of murder, they had a fight in the kitchen area, and he attacked her due to anger or jealousy. He grabbed her by the collar and twisted it; when she tried to walk away, he hit her with a flashlight left there by Patsy. Then he dragged her to the basement, where he proceeded to poke her with train tracks and assaulted her with a paintbrush. Between this and strangulation, he returned upstairs and smeared JonBenet’s candy box with feces. Burke strangled her outside the wine cellar door, applying the ligature from behind.
The scream allegedly heard by one of the neighbors belonged to Patsy after she found JonBenet’s body. To protect Burke, she staged the scene by adding wrist ligature, duct tape, and writing a ransom note. She and John both protected Burke from questioning as much as they could. They also fought against disclosing Burke’s Atlanta psychiatric records, which, in Kolar’s opinion, could have crucial information about the murder and Burke’s role in it.
Years after his investigation, Kolar released a book called Foreign Faction. He used his own retirement money to publish it, with the goal to donate the net profits to National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. He also participated in AMA, answering various questions. You can find the links on this sub’s Wiki page.
CBS Documentary "The Case of JonBenét Ramsey": 2016
This is the CBS miniseries about JonBenet that aired in 2016. People involved in it included former FBI agents Jim Clemente, James Fitzgerald, and Stan Burke, as well as former Scotland Yard criminal behavior analyst Laura Richards and forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee. James Kolar and Dr. Werner Spitz also took part in it.
This team talked to some people who knew the Ramseys, studied the available evidence, including the interviews and 911 call enhancement, and recreated the house layout along with some events that could have taken place. Burke’s voice on 911 tape, his fingerprints on the bowl with pineapple and the glass, his train tracks matching the abrasions on JonBenet’s body, and the fact that there is at least one account of him hitting JonBenet with the golf club in anger stood out as BDI arguments. The latter statement came from Judith Phillips, the photographer of the family:
I think Burke had a bad temper. It’s like he had a chip on his shoulder. He had hit JonBenét. Before the murder, I would have to say, it was probably a year and a half. They were playing in the yard and apparently he hit her with the golf club, right here (points to area under eye). She (Patsy) says the kids were playing, Burke lost his temper and hit her with a golf club.
CBS team performed an experiment to find out whether a boy Burke’s age and complexion could inflict the kind of blow JonBenet received. The answer was yes. Burke’s indifferent and concerning reactions during the interviews, him not asking any questions about JonBenet when interviewed for the first time, when she was believed to have been kidnapped, and his possible scatological issues were also mentioned.
The CBS version entails the following scenario: Burke was having a pineapple snack when JonBenet grabbed a bit. He got angry and chased her, smashing her in the head. This essentially killed her, causing brain death, and the parents staged the rest, including the assault with the paintbrush and strangulation, to make it look like a pedophile intruder did this.
CBS theory very much echoes the police version in the sense that the head blow was the only part of the “genuine” attack. The rest was staging. In this way, it diverges from Kolar’s BDIA theory (which has Burke doing the blow, the assault, and strangulation) and becomes a BSI theory (Burke Started It). Many people conflate the two.
Burke and John sued CBS for their special. In the end, they settled on undisclosed terms, but the documentary is still up and no public apology was offered.
Personal opinion: Von Duyke’s book is fascinating because it was the first detailed take on BDI published shortly after the murder. It has many drawbacks because of this, too: some evidence is not presented correctly, some findings haven't been made at the time, and the language itself is overly dramatic in too many instances. But at the same time, the book outlines a theory that's very similar to what Kolar suggested years later. What I find particularly interesting is yet another mention of Burke engaging in sexually inappropriate behavior with JonBenet. This is the fourth account like this, so I feel like there is definitely a degree of truth to it. It makes BDI much stronger, in my opinion.
The tabloids are known for publishing unsupported gossip, but we also know that many true facts have been leaked during the active years of investigation. Many of the things they mentioned have been proven right, too, so I tend to believe a big part of what they reported, which certainly creates an interesting picture.
Kolar's theory is the one I support most. I think it makes most sense and explains all evidence, with no leaps or odd conclusions.
I'm happy that CBS documentary exists and that it relied on Kolar's book. It's the best I've seen covering this case. However, I'm frustrated that they didn't air Kolar's actual version and chose to downplay the sexual abuse evidence. This probably seemed overly controversial, but still, I think they should have presented the evidence more objectively.
The point of this post was to examine how BDI was presented over the years and demonstrate that it's not a half-baked theory that was born after Kolar's book or even worse, after CBS mini-series. Many people considered it likely from the start of this case and took efforts to investigate it. If you're interested in getting a fuller picture of potential evidence against Burke, I have a post about it here and here.
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Hi guys,
first of all, sorry about my bad english.
Question is about opening word documents directly from notion, without downloading it. Like in Evernote. Will that be able ever?
I tried to find an answer on this question here on reddit, but i couldn't. Just this: https://www.reddit.com/Notion/comments/b718vn/will_we_ever_be_able_to_open_attached_docs/ but it's too old.
Is there any news about this feature?
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Hi! I’m Maria, a tarot reader with over 8 years experience, a reiki practitioner and a graduate in psychology. Now doing readings online due to the pandemic.. There’s a link in my comments to my Etsy where you can book a reading if interested, as well as a link to my reviews!🦋🤍 submitted by tarottalesbymaria to MediumReadings [link] [comments]

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OBS has a plugin that allows you to mark timestamps while recording,
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